2023 Fairfax County Board of Supervisors Candidate Questionnaire Results

In collaboration with the Fairfax Healthy Communities network, the Washington Area Bicyclist Association participated in the preparation of a questionnaire that has been sent to all candidates running for a seat on the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors in 2023. Candidates were invited to share their experiences and positions on these four key aspects:

  1. Housing for All
  2. Sustainable Transportation
  3. Climate Mitigation, Resilience, and Green Spaces
  4. Food Security

All registered voters in Fairfax County can vote for the Supervisor in the district where they live. Don’t know which is your district? Put your address in this map and see your district! For more information on the November 7th, 2023 General Election, please visit https://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/elections/upcoming.

Please note that the Washington Area Bicyclist Association is a 501(c)(3) organization; by law, our organization is strictly prohibited from endorsing, participating in, or intervening in (including the publishing or distribution of statements) any political campaign on behalf of or in opposition to any candidate for public office. This candidate questionnaire is strictly educational and has been shared with all candidates and the public.

Candidates Running in November 7th General Election

DistrictCandidate Name & AffiliationQuestionnaire Status
ChairArthur Purves (R)Survey sent; no response to date
ChairJeff McKay (D – incumbent)VIEW RESPONSES | en español
BraddockJames Walkinshaw (D – incumbent)VIEW RESPONSES | en español
BraddockCarey Campbell (I)VIEW RESPONSES | en español (muy pronto)
DranesvilleJimmy Bierman (D)VIEW RESPONSES | en español
DranesvillePuneet Ahluwalia (R)Survey sent; no response to date
FranconiaPaul Beran (R)VIEW RESPONSES | en español
FranconiaRodney Lusk (D – incumbent)VIEW RESPONSES | en español
FranconiaMark T. Welch (I)VIEW RESPONSES | en español
Hunter MillWalter Alcorn (D – incumbent)Survey sent; no response to date
Hunter MillIndira Massey (R)Survey sent; no response to date
MasonAndres Jimenez (D)VIEW RESPONSES | en español
MasonTerry Modglin (I)VIEW RESPONSES | en español
Mount VernonDan Storck (D – incumbent)VIEW RESPONSES | en español
Mount VernonRichard Hayden (R)Survey sent; no response to date
Mount VernonChristopher Morgan (I)VIEW RESPONSES | en español
SpringfieldCorazon Foley (I/G)VIEW RESPONSES | en español
SpringfieldAlbert Vega (D)VIEW RESPONSES | en español
SpringfieldPat Herrity (R – incumbent)Survey sent; no response to date
ProvidenceBrian Murphy (R)Survey sent; no response to date
ProvidenceDalia Palchik (D – incumbent)VIEW RESPONSES | en español
SullyKeith Elliott (R)VIEW RESPONSES | en español
SullyKathy Smith (D – incumbent)VIEW RESPONSES | en español