Park Space For People on Little Falls Parkway

Wednesday, February 15, 2023, 7:00 PM



Montgomery Parks Department is holding a virtual meeting on Wednesday February 15, 2023 at 7pm to share results of a traffic study of the driving lane changes for the Little Falls Parkway “linear park” pilot in Bethesda. If you have noticed the changes near the Capital Crescent Trail and want to see more usable park space here, show up, learn about the plan, and speak up!

In 2016, after a bicyclist, Ned Gaylin, was hit and killed in a crash as he crossed Little Falls Parkway on the Capital Crescent Trail, the Parks Department took immediate action. The department reduced driving lanes from two to one in each direction to calm traffic, simplify the intersection and prevent further injuries at the trail crossing. It is now much safer for everyone.

The long-term plan will remove pavement on the west side of the parkway and repurpose that space into a linear park and trail. In the short term, the Parks Department began a pilot project to create that linear park on the existing road.

Last fall, Parks shifted both car lanes to the east side of the parkway median and opened the west side for all-day walking, biking, and play. This spring, Parks will set up seating and games west of the median and activate the space with entertainment, food trucks, games, programs, and events.

Since 2016, some immediate neighbors have fought every plan for reducing driving lanes on Little Falls Parkway, insisting that avoiding potential delays for people in cars is more important than a safe trail crossing  for people walking and biking. Today, some are calling for Parks to give up on the pilot project entirely before it is even in place.

Please come to this virtual meeting to show support for the Parks department’s plans for permanent safe crossing and for the potential for enhanced outdoor recreation space along the Parkway.

For more information on the pilot project and long-term vision for the Little Falls linear park, see the project page. We hope to show the Parks Department and the public that there is support for a safe crossing.