Membership FAQ

So you’re thinking about becoming a WABA member? Or maybe you’re already a WABA member but you have some questions. Well, you have come to the right place to learn about what a WABA membership means! 

When you become a WABA member, your contribution goes a long way. Regardless if, to you, it means getting more people on bikes, advocating for more trails and bike lanes, learning about safe bicycling, or simply having more fun on your bike, your membership puts you in the forefront of our fight for a transportation system that works for everyone in the region.

We decided to structure our membership around a Pay-What-You-Can model, so that anyone is able to join our community, regardless of their financial resources. With this model, a membership is gifted to any individual who makes a personally meaningful contribution of any amount. We say: the more the merrier!

Why become a WABA member?

Love going for a bike ride around the DC region? Want to get more involved in bike advocacy or volunteering? Interested in learning how to ride a bicycle, or improving your biking and bike maintenance skills? Do you want to get more people riding in the DMV, or care about building more protected bike lanes to make our streets safer for everyone? If you answered yes to any of these questions, a WABA membership is for you! WABA’s mission is to empower people to ride bikes, build connections and transform places, and our vision is to work towards a just and sustainable transportation system where biking, walking, and transit are the best ways to get around. Your membership is what sustains our organizing work, to empower and support people making change in their own communities; education, to get people riding confidently; and fun events across the region. 

If you’re interested in learning more about what WABA has been up to, visit, or follow along on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook

In addition to supporting WABA’s efforts making our region more sustainable and accessible, a WABA membership plugs you into a network of bicyclists of all shapes and sizes: advocates, educators, families, commuters, athletes, and those who just ride for fun! You will have an instant connection to bike riding tips, educational classes, and a variety of resources to keep your rides safe and enjoyable.

What are the WABA membership perks?

All WABA members, at every price point, receive the following membership perks:

  • A $15 off your annual tune-up coupon at participating local bike shops
  • Discounted member rate for WABA signature rides, like Sweet Ride, 50 States, and Cider Ride
  • Member only mixers
  • Complementary bike box rentals for travel
  • Access to member-only swag items and merchandise from the WABA Store
  • Access to member-only events, including our annual meeting, where you shape our work
  • FREE registration to any of WABA’s Adult Education classes
  • Other Member Extras from local businesses, including beer and snacks here.

What is the cost of a WABA membership?

To put it simply, the cost of membership is… anything! With WABA’s Pay-What-You-Can Membership model, there is no set price for membership—YOU get to choose, based on what you can give to support our work. ANY personally meaningful contribution — and we do ask you to dig deep! — that you make to WABA will get you a year-long membership. 

Want your donation to be 100% tax-deductible? No problem. We’ll make you a Digital Member so you can plug into our existing resources as a thank you for your investment. 

Ready to do it all, and don’t need your donation to be 100% tax-deductible? Great! You can take advantage of our Membership Levels:

Membership LevelPrice PointExtras
Digital Member$5/month, $1-$59 or Volunteer 3 times anywhereAccess to WABA membership perks + good vibes
Classic Member$6/month, $60-$109  or Volunteer with WABA 3 timesAccess to WABA membership perks + ability to add an additional adult to your membership + a physical membership card
Sustainer$10/month, or $110-$239Access to WABA membership perks + ability to add an additional adult to your membership + a physical membership card + t-shirt and socks
Activist$20/month, or $240-$599Access to WABA membership perks + ability to add an additional adult to your membership + a physical membership card + t-shirt and socks + Jersey + Classic Membership to give as a gift
Champion$50/month, or $600-$999Access to WABA membership perks + ability to add an additional adult to your membership + a physical membership card + t-shirt and socks + Jersey and a Classic Membership to give as a gift + free ride registration to a WABA fundraising ride and a call with an advocate
Superstar$83/month, or $1000+Access to WABA membership perks + ability to add an additional adult to your membership + a physical membership card + t-shirt and socks + Jersey and a Classic Membership to give as a gift + free ride registration to a WABA fundraising ride and a call with an advocate + regular personal communication from WABA leadership

So… am I getting this right? There is no longer a difference between membership dues and a donation to WABA?

Yes! You are correct. All donations to WABA will get you a year-long membership. If you’re already a member, any donation you make will extend your membership for another year after you made the donation. If you make a donation that is 100% tax deductible, you will receive a year-long Digital membership. 

What if I am interested in getting more involved?

You can sign up for our volunteer, events, advocacy, and/or adult education email lists here or hover over the “Get Involved” heading at for more information. Or, drop us a line at and we’ll talk about other options. Did you know that you can earn a membership with WABA through volunteering? Click here for more information.

Where can I get WABA merchandise?

If you are currently a WABA member, you can visit the WABA Store to purchase exclusive WABA merchandise. If you are not currently a member, join first at, then visit our store. If you join at an Sustainer member level or up, you will have the option to receive complementary swag items (see more information at the membership levels section above).

Should I be a monthly donor or a one-time donor?

Monthly contributions are literally the gift that keeps on giving to WABA. Your recurring gift helps us plan for the future and weather the ebbs and flows of other revenue sources. That helps us best plan for the future, and we deeply appreciate a monthly gift if that works for you.  If you choose to contribute monthly, we never ask for an additional gift and your membership will remain current for the duration of your gift, plus one year. 

If you prefer to pay your dues annually (or on any other schedule), your membership will expire one year after your most recent confirmation. 

Is there an option to gift a WABA membership?

Absolutely—WABA memberships make great gifts for any occasion! Send us an email at and we will set it up for you!

What if I want to donate through my workplace or another 3rd party?

If it works best for you, it works for us! If you give to WABA through your workplace or a donor-advised fund, we will provide a complementary Digital membership. If you have questions about other ways to give, email us at

Can I donate/become a member via check?

Absolutely! Checks can be made payable to WABA and sent to 2599 Ontario Road NW, Washington, DC 20009. If not indicated otherwise, check donations are processed as 100% tax deductible and we’ll gift you a Digital membership. If you would like to become a member at a certain Membership Level, please attach a note to the check indicating the level (Digital, Classic, Sustainer, Activist, Champion, Superstar).

Can I purchase a membership through an event or class registration? 

Yes! When you’re registering for a class or an event, there will be an option for an event or class fee at a slightly higher rate that includes a year-long Digital membership. 

What if I am a Signal Financial Member?

Due to an over a decade-long partnership that WABA has had with Signal Financial, individuals who open an account with Signal Financial will automatically receive a complimentary Digital WABA membership for one year after opening the account. 

What is Bike Month?

Bike Month is a celebration that annually occurs during May. We typically offer discounts or additional perks/swag items to individuals who join or renew their membership around this time, as well as help to create Bike to Work Day!

Are lifetime memberships still available to purchase? 

Lifetime memberships are no longer available at this time. 

How can I get a physical membership card?

Members who join at a Classic level or higher will automatically receive a physical WABA membership card in the mail. Members will receive a new membership card each time they renew. Don’t want a physical membership card? Let us know by emailing and we will hold off on sending one. 

What is a family membership? 

When you join WABA at a Classic level or up, you have the option to add another adult for an additional $15 or $1/month and up to 4 additional children to your membership at no additional cost. You can do so by joining or renewing at, and selecting the family members you would like to add in the “Add Family Members” section. If your family, chosen or otherwise, doesn’t fit neatly in the form, let us know at and we’ll sort it out.

Should my gift be 100% tax-deductible?

If you are planning to deduct your contribution to WABA, you have the option to choose a fully tax-deductible gift (no physical benefits, but we’ll gift you a Digital Membership). Alternatively, if you choose to add membership swag, we’ll email you the tax-deductible amount in your membership contribution. 

How do I check my membership status?

Send an email to and we’ll let you know! WABA does not have a member portal. 

I have questions about….

Advocacy—check out or email

Adult Education/Classes—check out or email

Youth Education—check out or email

Events—check out or email

Business Membership—check out or email


What if I’m….

An auto-renewing member: You’ll continue with your auto-renewing dues at the same amount until you change the amount or cancel (email me to do either). If you start a new recurring gift, you will have the option to designate it towards membership or full tax-deductibility.

A two-year member: Your two-year membership will remain current until your membership expiration. We won’t offer two-year membership moving forward, but setting up a recurring gift makes it easy to keep your membership current for keeps.

A Life member: You remain a Life member and will receive Classic membership benefits. If you donate any amount, your Life membership will override any new membership level.

A family member: You’ll remain a family member through your current membership’s expiration. Family membership will be incorporated into the new membership tiers next month. We’ll have the ability to add an additional adult and up to four children to the primary member’s membership at a reduced cost!
If you have questions, comments, thoughts, drop us a line at If you’re ready to sign up, head on over to