About WABA

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Mission Statement

The mission of the Washington Area Bicyclist Association is to create a healthy, more livable region by:
  • promoting bicycling for fun, fitness, and affordable transportation;
  • advocating for better bicycling conditions and transportation choices for a healthier environment; and
  • educating children, adults, and motorists about safe bicycling.

Vision Statement

WABA envisions a region in which biking is joyful, safe, popular, and liberating – supported by the necessary infrastructure, laws, activities, and investments – and where bicycle ridership mirrors the incredible diversity of our communities.

About WABA

WABA is a 501(c)(3) member-supported organization founded in 1972 and serves the Washington, D.C. metropolitan region. WABA educates and advocates in The District of Columbia, Montgomery County; Prince George’s County; Arlington County; Fairfax County; and the city of Alexandria. For a comprehensive history of WABA from 1972 to 1992, see this document.

2015 – 2020 Strategic Plan

The five-year Strategic Plan was adopted by the WABA Board of Directors in 2015 and outlines our goals and objectives. The visionary goals of the plan are:
  • Triple the number of people on bikes region wide by 2020
  • And by 2035, no one in our region should be more than one mile from a dedicated place to bike.
The full 2020 Strategic Plan is available here. WABA is a 501(c)(3) member-supported organization. Your contributions are tax-deductible. We can only make bicycling in the D.C. region better with your help. Join or donate to WABA today.