Instructors for Individual Lessons

Individual Lessons for Youth and Adults

Below is a list of certified League Cycling Instructors and WABA educators who teach individual lessons. Please choose an instructor (or more than one) and get in touch using the supplied contact information. It is up to you to negotiate all details of your education experience with them, including but not limited to the number of lessons, time, date, location, price, equipment, and insurance. Each instructor listing below includes the types of education available and the locations preferred by the instructor. If you have any questions or concerns about the process of arranging one-on-one instruction, please email After your individual education is complete, we would appreciate your feedback on the process and the experience. Please fill out the short survey here. Happy riding, WABA Education


Liz Bolton

Bio: Liz is an experienced bicycle commuter and triathlete who remembers how intimidating–but thrilling!–it was to get started. She’s excited to help adults of all ages find or rediscover their love of riding a bike. Location: Alexandria, Arlington, Fairfax County, VA; Washington, DC Students: Adults of all ages Contact:

Katie Bolton

Bio: Katie is a commuter, triathlete, aspiring bike tourer, and new League Certified Instructor who is eager to help you find joy as a bicyclist. She’s ready to help you work through your fears and hesitations to develop the skills needed to ride and the confidence to pursue your riding goals – whether it’s a ride with your family or a ride across the country. Location: Washington, DC; Alexandria, VA Students: Adults Contact:

Dottie Castille

Bio: Dottie is an LCI and a Coach for the League of American Bicyclists who started riding seriously with the New York Cycle Club in 2005 and went on to be a Group Leader for the Spring Training Series, aka C-Sig for 4 years before moving to the DC area for work.  She is a mother of four sons who are avid cyclists and grandmother of six grandchildren.  Her  youngest student, a two-year-old, happily rode her glider bike in the neighborhood Mardi Gras parade in her hometown in Louisiana. Location: DMV area Students: All ages Contact:

Terrie Chan

Bio: Biking to school as a child, my love for cycling was rekindled when I moved from San Francisco to Washington DC.  Whether it’s grocery shopping, far away errands or meeting up with friends, adventure and joy best describes my love for biking!  Let me show you how to become a safe and confident rider whether you are new to biking, want to ride on bike paths, tool around your own neighborhood, or experience the exhilarating thrill of riding down Pennsylvania Avenue! Location: Washington, DC Students: All ages Contact:

 Jonathan Freeman

Bio: USA Cycling Federation Coach, Barnett’s Certified Master Technician. Technician at REI. Riding and racing over 25 years. Avid mountain biker and road cyclist. I have taught classes (maintenance and riding) for over 10 years. Cycling has been my passion my whole life. Location: Will teach in the entire Washington Metro area and surrounding regions. Students: Any person wanting to learn how to ride or improve their skills. Contact:

Edgar Gil Rico

Bio: Do you want to practice your Spanish while learning city cycling? Edgar is a bilingual (English and Spanish) League of American Bicyclists Certified Instructor who commutes daily from Arlington into D.C. He has ridden his bike on the streets in Bogotá, Copenhagen, NYC and some other fun places. He has successfully taught adults and kids of all skill levels. Location: Arlington, VA; Alexandria, VA; Washington, DC Students: All ages Contact:

Annmarie Dinan Hansen

Bio: DC born and a product of Arlington County public schools, I have been biking in and around DC for most of my life. For the past seven years, I’ve had half a dozen jobs involving bikes. Most recently, I ran an outreach program for WABA for a year and half. Now, I enjoy working with homeschooled kids. Even though I know my way around a bike, I’m a casual rider, and can often be seen on my bike wearing dresses. I wish to give my students a meaningful experience in a low-pressure environment. Check out my website- Location: Washington, DC (and the surrounding area) Students: Annmarie recently facilitated a four week Youth Learn to Ride class with the Alexandria Department of Parks and Recreation, but she loves teaching adults and teens as well! Contact:

Dupree Heard

Bio: Dupree had to teach himself how to ride a bicycle twice. He learned as a child and then again as an adult. He definitely understands how challenging it is for some to learn. He’s been a League Cycling Instructor for over 5 years. He has worked and volunteered around WABA and cycling for over a decade. He has explored over 50 countries by bicycle. He recently taught 4 year old twins and their grandmother to ride and he’d be happy to help you do the same. Location: Washington, DC and surrounding areas Students: Willing to teach students of all ages, except infants – they’ll have to wait. Contact: or

Jason Horowitz

Bio: In addition to teaching people of all ages how to ride confidently and safely, Jason is available as your guru for everyday biking. He’s a League of American Bicyclist Certified Instructor and an active member of WABA who rides in all locations, seasons and (most) conditions; he’ll be happy to teach you – or a loved one – how to do the same. Check out his website Location: Jason lives in Arlington and teaches throughout the region. Students: All ages and all skill levels Contact:

Jeff Johnson

Bio: I am a LCI instructor and a daily bike commuter. No parking problems, gas bills and never stuck in traffic. I am also an older bicyclist and a father; I understand the older new-biker and kids and families. I can help you overcome common biking hang-ups and plot and navigate a safe ride to work, school or the store. Location: Washington, DC and surrounding area Students: All ages Contact:

Katie Kelley

Bio: Cycling is a rich part of my lifestyle. I commute to work, ride for fun on the weekends and participate in triathlons. I share my love of bicycling by teaching Learn to Ride and general bike safety classes. I like to challenge my students while providing a lot of encouragement. If you have the will, I will help you find the way. Location: I am located in Reston, VA and will travel throughout Northern Virginia. Students: I work with adults & kids ages 8 and up and I can speak Spanish. Contact:

Laurie Lemiux, DNP

Bio: Laurie brings her experience as a nurse practitioner, college professor, professional bike fitter, and regular bike rider to her cycling instruction. She believes that with patience, perseverance, and positive attitude everyone can become a confident bicyclist. Location: Greenbelt / College Park, MD; Willing to travel to Northern Prince George’s County, Southern Montgomery County & Washington, DC Students: All ages Contact:

Elizabeth Brooks Lyttleton

Bio: Most mornings, Elizabeth climbs on her cargo bike and rides with her three daughters to school in DC.  She completed her LCI training in 2014, and particularly loves working with families to help build comfort and confidence in cycling for both transportation and fun. Location: Washington, DC; Arlington, VA; Alexandria, VA Students: All ages Contact:

Grant Mandsager

Bio: Stay at home dad to 3 kids. I have been biking around since the first was born 6 years ago. I will teach anyone, but have the most experience with family cycling (both with kids in a cargo bike and biking with my kids) and teaching kids to ride. Location: Arlington, VA & willing to travel to nearby jurisdictions Students: All Contact:

Steve Offutt

Bio: Steve is an expert at using a bike to get around, to go places you need to go and want to go. He can teach you how to feel comfortable and confident and how to use your bike as a tool to improve your life. He’s a League Certified Instructor and has been teaching since 2012. He’s been riding and loving it, though, since his teenage years. His sense of humor, easy-going nature, and enthusiasm for your success makes him a pleasure to work with. Location: Northern VA and DC Students: Adults Contact:, 703-283-4326

Brenda Ruby

Bio: Brenda has been riding a bike for the past 25 years and has biked all around the region on roads and trails primarily for the joy of riding. Brenda became a League Cycling Instructor in the Fall of 2013 and has successfully taught both children and adults who were sure they couldn’t learn. Lessons are always positive and fun. Location: Montgomery County, MD; Northwest DC; Alexandria, VA; Arlington, VA Students: ages 5-75! Contact:

Hamzat Sani

Bio: I want everyone who wants to (and even some who don’t know they want to yet) to enjoy riding a bike. I am a certified bike instructor with the League of American Bicyclists.  I’ve thought everyone from 5 year olds to grandmothers and would love to learn how I can help you. Location: Anywhere in the DC Metro area and if you’re special maybe beyond that Students: I can work with any age, gender representation, cultural background or physical ability. Contact:

Carolyn Schroeder

Bio: Carolyn brings her love of biking and teaching to every class. Whether you want to learn to ride or gain skills and confidence to ride in this urban area, she is here to help you meet your riding goals! Carolyn mostly gets around town by bike, commuting to work and to run errands, as well as to visit with friends. Exploring places by bike and planning out a safe route is one of her favorite things to do, making the mundane much more of an adventure. In addition to being a certified League Cycling Instructor, Carolyn is involved in her local Alexandria community to promote pedestrian and bicyclist safety. Location: DC region Students: All ages Contact:

Robyn Short

Bio: I’m a recreational rider with experience leading groups and teaching safety, skills, and basic mechanics/maintenance. My teaching style is relaxed – I’m about enjoying the outdoors, and I strongly believe riding bikes should be FUN and not frustrating! Location: Upper Marlboro, MD (Prince George’s County); willing to travel within MD, DC, NoVA Students: All ages Contact:

Jessie Webb

Bio: Jessie grew up riding bikes and works full-time in recreation coaching chess, baseball, basketball, bike clubs, etc. He is great working with children and enjoys teaching people of all ages how to ride  bicycle. Jessie is a League Certified Instructor and loves to ride. Location: Washington, DC; Alexandria, VA; Arlington, VA; Montgomery County, MD & Prince George’s County, MD Students: Ages 4 and older Contact:

Kelley Westenhoff

Bio: I love to share the joy of biking through patience and encouragement. I rode my bike from Seattle to Washington, DC in 2016 so I’m experienced in every kind of riding surface and traffic conditions! Location: Fairfax County, Arlington, County, Falls Church, Alexandria, Prince WIlliam County, and Loudon County. I live in Reston. Students: I’m happy to teach anyone, but my primary focus and experience has been with children and women. Contact:

Bruce Wright

Bio: I regularly teach learn-to-ride lessons in Reston, VA. I’ve been a cycling instructor since 2009. I love to ride and have been fortunate to be able to travel mostly by bike in Northern Virginia. I am a trained bicycle mechanic and worked for many years in a local bike shop. My wife and I regularly explore the U.S. with our folding bikes. I founded Fairfax Alliance for Better Bicycling and am currently a board member. I’ve also served on the WABA board. Location: I live in Reston, VA. I prefer to teach in Reston, but am able to travel to other locations in northern Virginia. Students: I work with students of all ages. Contact: or