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waba_women_logo_commuterWomen & Bicycles began because 26% of cyclists identifying as female is too low a number. We formed to empower, educate, and encourage women/trans/femme identifying bicycle-riding persons in the DC, Virginia, and Maryland metro areas.

The Women & Bicycles program is centered on a peer-to-peer experience that inspires women to bike, participate, teach, advocate, and lead in the bike movement.

Since the program launched in 2013,  hundreds of supporters throughout the region and the program Roll Models have  helped us host 200+  events, engage with 6,000+ participants, and inspire hundreds of women make biking a new and rewarding part of their lives.

Attend our Women & Bicycles Events

  • Workshops: Bike-related skillsharing throughout the DC metro area
  • Rides: Accommodating all experience levels
  • Social Events: Coffee Clubs, Bagel Club, and more!
  • Mentorship: The Roll Models pair experienced biking women with biking novices.

*Our events are open to those who identify as women at this stage in life. The Women & Bicycles program is committed to being a welcoming and supportive space for all who identify as women, including trans, gender queer, and gender fluid persons.

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All Women & Bicycles in-person events are limited due to COVID-19. Upcoming events include:

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