Cool Spring/Adelphi Bike & Pedestrian Access Improvement Project

Join the Prince George’s Department of Public Works and Transportation to learn about pedestrian and bicycle access improvements in Cool Spring near Adelphi Road and University Blvd.

The scope of the project is to provide safe walking and bicycling access for residents of the Cool Spring Neighborhood to University of Maryland and the coming Purple Line station. DPWT staff are at he early stages of the design process, so now is the perfect time to weigh in with concerns, suggestions, and dreams about bicycle and pedestrian accessibility and safety in the area. Attend the meeting and speak up.

Zoom Meeting Link:

Or dial in using your phone: 301 715 8592; Access Code: 973-0247-9498

You may also submit comments to DPW&T Project Manager, Nina Upadhyay at by February 14, 2021.

Public Meeting for Route 1 Multimodal Improvements

The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) welcomes you to the virtual public information meeting for the Route 1 Multimodal Improvements Study. The meeting will be held December 16, from 6:30pm-8pm.

VDOT wants to ensure that all members of the community have the opportunity to participate in public decisions on transportation projects and VDOT representatives will be present to discuss the project and answer your questions.

On the meeting webpage there is a link to comment and give input.

All oral and written comments received on this project will be included in a transcript for review by VDOT personnel, citizens and other interested parties.

Written comments will be accepted until December 28th 2020.

Bike Ambassador How To: ABC Quick Check

Join the Bike Ambassadors Tuesday, December 22nd at 12pm, as they walk you through how to do an ABC Quick Check on your bike. Learn how to perform some basic bike maintenance to make sure your bike is in good condition for your next ride. We’ll walk you through how to check your tire pressure, brakes, chain and a few other things. Performing an ABC Quick check before your next ride can help make sure your bike is safe to ride. Join us as we share tips on what to check for and help answer other bike questions.

Join via Zoom!

Cycling Maintenance Tips for Colder Months with Jafe Cycling

Have you ever wondered how to maintain your bike during the colder months? If so, join WABA and our friends at Jafe Cycling as we share cycling maintenance tips for colder months! Matt Onojafe with Jafe Cycling will discuss how often you need tune ups, how to clean your drive drain and when to replace your brake pads. As we transition into riding in colder weather, we want to share our knowledge and experience with you so you are prepared for your next ride.

Join us via Zoom, to learn more about bike maintenance and ask your biking questions. 

Founded by Matt Onojafe during the 2020 pandemic, Jafe Cycling provides bicycle repairs, routine maintenance, 1 on 1 riding tutorials, is an authorized reseller of bike apparel, and big brand bicycles. Jafe Cycling has connected with many of the emerging bike clubs within the DC metropolitan area, hosting and facilitating large group rides. The goal is to bring awareness to human equality, pandemic relief, and community health & wellness.

We’ll be using Zoom/Rev which has auto-captioning with a minor delay and a text chat. Need accommodations, have questions about access, or have questions about the event? Send us an email at

Please keep in mind if we do chat about bike advice that what works for you may not work for everyone, and unsolicited advice can feel unwelcoming and condescending. Please come in the spirit of solidarity and communal problem solving.

Let’s Get Rolling! Internet Coffee Hour

Brew yourself a cup of coffee or tea and come hang out on the internet with us for a bit.

Conversation is open—we often chat about weekend plans to be outside but also take questions about getting into biking, what trails are being expanded, and topics not connected to bicyclists (donuts are good!).

We’ll use Zoom for the meet up. You can RSVP here.

Hosted by a WABA staffer, this is a great chance to ask any bicycling questions! Join us anytime between 8am and 9am. And you are totally welcome to join voice or text chat only without video.