Give MCDOT Your Thoughts On Shared Streets

In response to lobbying by WABA and other advocacy groups—Coalition for Smarter Growth, Action Committee for Transport, Sierra Club, PBTSAC and others—Montgomery County Department of Transportation has begun steps to create what they are calling Shared Streets, meaning closing off certain streets to only allow local car traffic. One major step MCDOT has taken is to set up a website to solicit suggestions from residents on county roads that should be closed off to through car traffic, allowing for slow and local car traffic, with a priority on bicycle and pedestrian usage. This incorporates the Bicycle Master Plan concept of Neighborhood Greenways.

Please give your feedback here to MCDOT! This includes taking the survey and sending specific ideas for Shared Streets via email to

MCDOT is also soliciting ideas for helping facilitate outdoor dining options by repurposing parking spaces adjacent to restaurants, and by closing off some streets to all cars, such as Norfolk Avenue in Bethesda.

In addition, MCDOT is looking for volunteers near the implementation of Shared Streets to monitor the cones and signs put down to close off streets to non-local car traffic. If you are interested in volunteering to help out, please send an email to, noting your street address.

Finally, we hope that MCDOT will set up a permit process whereby residents can ask to set up a shared street in their neighborhood. We will keep you posted on when this is implemented by MCDOT.

We could not make such progress without your support! Go to the MCDOT website on Shared Streets, take the survey, send specific suggestions for Shared Streets and help maintain the Shared streets implemented near you.

Thoughts on scooters? Share them with us.

Electric scooters joined the transportation landscape in a big way less than two years ago. The two-wheel, battery-powered scooters are available for rent via a mobile app. Companies such as Spin, Lime, Bird, Bolt, Lyft, and Skip are currently offering scooter sharing services in DC and Arlington while looking to expand the dockless service into other local communities.

The growing availability of scooters presents many possible benefits and creates potential concerns. WABA is developing an organizational position on scooters and we would like your input.

Please share your thoughts and feedback about scooters via our short survey. The survey should only take a few minutes to complete and helps us better understand the community’s thoughts about this new mode of transportation. WABA will use the input from the survey and other research to develop a position on scooters that will inform future advocacy, outreach and education efforts.

Take The Survey

It’s important for us to share that our corporate partners do include companies that offer scooter services. Lime, Spin, JUMP, Bird and Lyft are corporate supporters of WABA or sponsor events. This survey was not developed in coordination with any corporate supporter of WABA, scooter company or otherwise. The board and staff will developed the organizational policy regarding electric scooters independently from corporate partners or sponsors.

Thanks for providing your input and please share the survey with your network.