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Existing Protected Bike Lanes

20×20 Protected Bike Lanes

2021-2025 Protected Bike Lanes

2040 Protected Bike Lane Network Vision

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2040 Trail Network Vision

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We want a protected bike lane on every street, too. 

This is how we get there. Our vision for what’s possible by the end of 2020 is grounded in what we know is possible. Every one of these 20 miles are at some stage of study, planning, or design, and that means we can build this. Our timeline is aggressive, but it’s realistic — we just need you and your neighbors to stand with us.

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Want to get involved with your fellow community advocates in your own Ward? We can’t get those 20 miles built without community support. Please join us!


Bike lanes are great, but only if they connect you to where you need to go. That’s why our vision for DC’s on-street bike network is fully connected, with each protected bike lane linking up with another safe place to ride. Whether it’s one of the trails that WABA is working on tirelessly with the Capital Trails Coalition, or another part of the protected bike lane network, we won’t settle for anything less than fully connected. 

Can you imagine that seamless, low-stress ride from one corner of the region to another? We can.


Paint doesn’t keep us safe enough. We demand bike lanes that create a physical barrier to separate people riding bikes from people driving cars. We know that protected bike lanes not only are safer, they feel safer, which encourages more people to ride.

We demand curbs and cement and trees. We demand bike lanes that don’t make bicycling an act of bravery.


The District, the region,—and the country— is shaped by long-standing and current societal inequities that have their roots in unjust structural barriers, policies, practices, attitudes, language, and cultural messages that have disproportionately impacted many minority groups. This matters. WABA has a responsibility to increase our awareness and understanding to better advocate for the full spectrum of needs present in our communities. As we stand up with our neighbors who were and remain underserved, we are listening first and taking action on what we learn second. No matter where you live, or how you get around, you deserve to be safe on the street.

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Do you have questions about what your donation will make possible for this campaign? Thoughts about what else we should include on our 20×40 map? Something else? Drop us a line at 20×20@waba.org. We’re moving quickly, so it might take us a few days to be in touch, but please know that we’re excited that you’re excited!