Supporting Bike Parking Legislation

Tomorrow at 2pm, the DC Council’s Committee on Public Works and Transportation is holding a hearing on the “Bicycle Commuter and Parking Expansion Amendment Act of 2010.”   This is an amendment to the 2007 law (conveniently titled the “Bicycle Commuter and Parking Expansion Act of 2007),” which adopted certain design standards for bike parking and mandated that buildings have bike parking in the following numbers:

(1) The John A. Wilson Building: 16+ spaces; (2) Existing residential buildings with 8 or more units: “a reasonable number of bicycle parking spaces” as determined by residents’ written requests; (3) New residential buildings with 3+ units, or substantially rehabilitated residential buildings with 8+ units: 1 space for each 3 units; (4) Office, retail, or service uses: number of bike spaces at least equal to 5% of the number of automobile parking spaces. And if bicycle space occupancy reaches 90% during peak usage, at least 10% of the number of automobile parking spaces.

So that is the law, and it has been the law since 2007. And those building owners not providing the required spaces are in violation of that law right now. But because there is no enforcement provision in the original law, no governmental authority can cite a building owner and require the payment of a penalty. There must be explicit authority to levy a penalty or fine. That’s what the 2010 Amendment Act will provide, so we strongly support the amendment. Additionally, we propose that revenue generated from these fees be dedicated to providing bike parking in DC public space. Our brief, written testimony is below, and we encourage bicyclists to email the Committee by 5pm on Thursday to express their support for the Act. Bicycle Commuter Parking Expansion Amendment Act Statement