Come Celebrate the 15th St. Cycle Track on Friday

On Monday, at the DDOT Oversight Hearing, DC City Councilmember Jack Evans asked how we fix the 15th Street Cycle Track. Now, we’ve ridden the cycle track a lot, and while it is not perfect, it is still a great addition to the bike network of DC. So, rather than get political about it–with action alerts and riling up the blogosphere to condemn Councilmember Evans’ remarks–we’re going to head down there on Friday afternoon (update: between 4pm & 6pm) and show DC that we cyclists appreciate the 15th St. cycle track. This is going to be very informal. We’ll have our Bike Ambassador there with some volunteers with signs, probably around Q St. NW and/or riding the length of the cycle track. We’ll be asking cyclists to stop and get their picture taken with us and we’ll post everything here on Monday. Come on out and celebrate DC’s commitment to bicycle-specific infrastructure. And maybe next week we can ask some pointed questions about what happened to those painted intersections we were promised… You can read more about Councilmember Evans’ remarks at Greater Greater Washington and The Washcycle.