Riding the Frederick Douglass Bridge & South Capitol Street Area with CM Wells

Last night, Councilmember Tommy Wells hosted an evening bike ride through parts of Southeast to explore the planned South Capitol Bridge Project.  WABA joined CM Wells, representatives from the DC Bicycle Advisory Council, DDOT’s Bicycle & Pedestrian Program, DDOT’s new head engineer, and many community members.  Discussions centered around the traffic circle (to be built on the southeast side of the bridge) and the traffic oval (to be built on the northwest side) and access to the bridge from Anacostia via Howard Rd. & Firth Sterling Rd.  If you have not already done so, take a minute to read WABA’s complete comments on the project. Both Fox 5 News and WAMU were on hand to report on the event, and while WAMU’s story strayed from the point a bit by focusing on the crossing of the current bridge rather than the ride’s real purpose–making the area safer through improvements to the bridge and surrounding infrastructure–it was great to see area leaders, reporters, and a diverse group of bicycle advocates riding together to improve an important connection across the Anacostia River. Last night’s bike ride gave the community an opportunity to ride together and experience firsthand the current conditions, and to evaluate the intended improvements to the new bridge and surrounding area.  The ride was both enjoyable and productive, and we thank Councilmember Wells and his staff for their work in coordinating such an opportunity for on-the-ground public input.