Get Your Bicycle Records in Order Today

Here at WABA we are often asked what should be done when a bike is stolen or damaged.  After some commiseration, we invariably ask the victim whether there are records of the missing bicycle such as type of bike, year, distinguishing characteristics and most importantly: the serial number.  Unfortunately, the answer is all too often, “no”. Recovering a stolen, lost or damaged bicycle without a complete record of the bicycle–including photos, serial number and purchase information–is very challenging.  Police will need complete information to file a useful missing property report.  The likelihood the police are able to recover your bicycle greatly increase with more information in the report. With this in mind, we have created our Bicycle Owner’s Record form for you!  The form allows you to keep your personal information, your bicycle information (such as the color and type and purchase information) and other info that will be useful to police and insurance companies in one convenient location.  You should also include copies of your purchase receipt or bill of sale and photos of the bicycle. Include a photo of the entire bike and maybe one of distinctive markers (stickers, scratches, etc.) that could be used to identify your bike. Take a few minutes TODAY and fill it out.  This free form is for your personal records and should be stored in a safe location like a safety deposit box or home safe.  WABA doesn’t want it back, so please do not send us completed forms — they are for you!

Download the form!