Stop Blocking Access to Pennsylvania Ave Plaza, says Rep. Norton

Closed Pennsylvania Ave Plaza

An all to familiar sight: Pennsylvania Ave Plaza by the White House closed to people walking and biking in November 2014.

If you bike around the White House regularly, you’ve probably had this happen to you: the Pennsylvania Ave plaza by the White House is frequently closed to people on foot and on bike, often without notice or any clear or safe detour. Congresswomen Norton (D-D.C.) sent a letter to US Secret Service and National Park Service leadership asking for a meeting to discuss this issue. Unannounced closures force people to make long detours by foot or bike. Bicyclists are routed onto congested sidewalks (where it is illegal to ride) or down one-way streets in the wrong direction. Obviously the top issue for US Secret Service is ensuring the security of the White House,  but these long closures without safe options for pedestrians or people on bikes are not acceptable. The agency needs to work with the District to find a better solution to this problem. We thank the Congresswomen for addressing this quality of life and transportation issue that affects both residents and visitors. Read the full press release and the letter to US Secret Service Director Joseph Clancy and NPS Director Jon Jarvis  here.