Olive’s Story: I bike to feel invincible!

Last week, we here at WABA announced an ambitious plan to triple the number of people riding bikes throughout the region over the next five years. You’re a part of that! But we need your help. At the end of this story we’ll ask you for a contribution, but before we get to that, we want to highlight one of our members and why she supports WABA:
I was a heavy cigarette smoker for over 35 years before I was able to successfully kick the nasty habit. A few years later when I turned 60 years old I wanted to do something good for my body so I bought a bike and joined Washington Area Bicyclist Association. From there I began a whole new healthy experience. WABA was there to encourage me every step of the way. Olive! I attended many classes conducted by groups funded by or affiliated with WABA (like Women & Bicycles and Black Women Bike DC) including bike maintenance classes which taught me how to care for my bike. I went on WABA beginner level rides with mentors to help me develop into a confident city cyclist. I learned the networks of established bike lanes, my rights as a cyclist, and was given the skills to maximize my safety in areas where protected bike lanes aren’t established. WABA’s advocacy for protected bike lanes has increased access to bike lanes in a variety of neighborhoods, and this has allowed me to use my bike to run errands throughout the city. Today I feel invincible, smart, and especially proud every time I complete a bike ride. I feel strong and I am having a great time. With WABA’s help, I believe that I am now doing something good for my body, and I look forward to riding my bike into the next decade.
  WABA’s effective advocacy is funded by thousands of bicyclists like you with stories like Olive’s. Please contribute to WABA’s bold vision for safer streets in 2016.

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