Bikes on Bus and Rail

Sometimes you need to take your bike on the train or bus. Biking is a great way to connect that last block or mile between a transit stop and your destination, or a great way to get to a trail for a recreational ride. Maybe you’ve got a flat tire you don’t want to deal with, or it’s just been on a long ride and want another way to get home. Here’s how to do it:

Bikes on Metrorail

For your own safety and those around you, it’s best to take the elevator down to the platform. When the train arrives, wait for everyone else to get off before attempting to board. When you do board, be sure to do it from the outside doors rather than the center door. While on the train, do your best to avoid blocking aisles and doors. Some railcar segments end in a little nook that offers a great way to stabilize yourself and your bike while keeping your bike out of the way of other people. 

Bikes are welcome on Metrorail during all hours of operation except a couple of holidays. Even still, WABA recommends avoiding rush hour if you can. If that’s not possible then remember to be patient, and don’t try to squeeze onto a crowded train.

Read Metro’s full rules here.

Bikes on the Bus

With the racks in front of most metro buses, it’s easy to take your bike with you. The video below offers a visual demonstration of how to operate the rack and load your bike.

While riding, be sure to keep an eye on your bike. You can try for one of the front seats or take a standing position in the space allowed. When near or approaching your stop, remind the bus driver that you’re retrieving your bike from the rack.

Bikes on the Streetcar

Bikes are even allowed on the DC Streetcar! Many of the same tips recommended for Metrorail apply, with a few differences. On the streetcar you want to board using the center door.

Tips on many things, including how to bring your bike on the streetcar.

When in doubt, check out WMATA and DC Streetcar guidelines for riding with your bike.

Bikes on Commuter Rail

MARC: Full-size bicycles are permitted on all MARC trains on all three lines. At the station, passengers with full-size bicycles can identify which railcar to board by looking for the green “Bicycle Entrance” decal or an illuminated green light on the outside of the car. Passengers unable to find an available bike rack will need to wait for the next train with bike racks. MARC cars are clearly identified and riders should board and depart at designated entrances and exits.  Collapsible bicycles that fold with wheels that come together are still welcome. Stow folded bicycles so that passenger aisles are kept unobstructed. Folded bicycles are not permitted to be stowed in overhead storage bins. Please be cautious when entering or exiting a MARC Train with a bicycle, particularly from or onto a low platform.

VRE: VRE is currently accepting full-size bicycles on all trains. Just check in with the conductor when boarding, then secure your bicycle to the south end folding bench seats using a bungee cord attached to the seat frame eyelet. Please remember passengers are not permitted to ride bicycles on the platforms or trains. Bikes will be boarded and removed last, after all other passengers have boarded or detrained.