Support Ticket Reciprocity in the Region!

This action is no longer active. Please visit our action center for current actions you can take.

Update: this motion passed! The Transportation Planning Board will send a letter to Mayor Bowser, Governor Northam, and Governor Hogan recommending that they establish reciprocity for automated traffic enforcement tickets.

Every day, thousands of drivers cross between Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia. However, there is no accountability when it comes to the drivers who move recklessly through these communities, allowing drivers to skirt tickets from jurisdictions in which their vehicles and licenses aren’t registered. Thanks to an upcoming resolution, we now have the opportunity to change that and hold them accountable.

Ticket reciprocity would allow MD, VA, and DC to enter into an agreement allowing each state to “suspend vehicle registrations or driver’s licenses for vehicles registered in MD, DC or VA,  if that vehicle accrues parking fines or automatic traffic enforcement (also known as traffic cameras) fines in any of the regional jurisdictions. Right now, drivers in our region can rack up thousands of dollars in fines, without consequences, because MD, VA, and DC don’t have a system in place to broaden accountability in ways that reflect movement in the region. 

We need Mayor Bowser, Governor Hogan, and Governor Northam to enter into an reciprocal agreement that will help regional governments in their efforts to crack down on out-of-state drivers who speed and run red lights and stop signs in their state, as well as move us forward in our goal for vision zero in the region.