This bike lane news is a big deal.

A couple of hours ago, Mayor Bowser announced plans for DC’s longest protected bike lane, and the single largest expansion of the region’s on-street bike network ever: a 3.3 mile protected bike lane on Connecticut Ave NW, from Woodley Park all the way to Chevy Chase. 

This is a big deal, and it wouldn’t have happened without years of advocacy and support from the WABA community. Thank you.

This bike lane is a big deal for Ward 3—it’s the first protected bike lane in the Ward (the first one longer than a block, at least), and will connect a whole corridor of neighborhoods to businesses, schools, transit and recreation hubs. The design has support from all four ANCs that it passes through, as well as from dozens of organizations and businesses.

This is a big deal for the District—it’s a major expansion in bike connectivity and a major step towards a city-wide low-stress bike network. It’s also a reimagining of what’s possible from our city’s leadership: life-saving safety improvements don’t have to happen in block-by-block piecemeal. We can make a whole corridor safer, for everyone who uses it, all at once. 

This is also a big deal for the region—it’s setting a new precedent. Connecticut Ave is a major commuter thoroughfare and a gateway to the city. DC is showing that even on big, busy streets, we can—and must—make space for people to travel safely outside of cars.

Changes at this scale across the whole region are what’s necessary to make our streets safe and sustainable. Time to celebrate…maybe with a bike ride!