Biking to Learn

Hopping on your bike to learn something could come in many forms: biking to school, to a museum, to read a book, or to finally reading all the historical markers in your neighborhood. Or maybe you’re biking to learn how to ride confidently, to help a friend learn, or staying home to learn more online—you choose in which ways you can learn! 

At WABA, we believe that it is important to learn about how the built environment—our streets, neighborhoods, and cities—around us benefits some communities over others. Communities of color suffer disproportionate burdens from inadequate transportation infrastructure and the direct effects of climate change. Visit to find resources on how to promote justice with the changes to the transportation system that we seek to create. Or, if you want to learn a technical skill, did you know that our biking classes are free for all members? You can find more information on our Member Extras here, and when you’re ready, sign up for your Bike Anywhere Week membership!