Thank Pro-Bike, Pro-Pedestrian Legislative Leaders in Maryland

This action is no longer active. Please visit our action center for current actions you can take.

The 2023 Maryland legislative session so far has been filled with important pro-bike and pro-pedestrian bills thanks to our champions in Annapolis!  

Let’s take a moment to thank Maryland legislators who sponsored or oversaw 2023 pro-bike, pro-pedestrian legislation! 

Their work in Annapolis advances safer streets and transportation equity that focuses on the needs of underserved neighbors, and it helps our state address pressing climate, economic, and congestion challenges.  

What 2023 legislation? Highlights include the Safe Access for All (SAFE) Roads Act of 2023; Equity in Transportation; a Speed-Limit Reduction bill; Income-Qualified E-bike Rebates; Bikes on Sidewalks; and more. Some bills may not make it across this finish line this year, but every progressive transportation bill that’s introduced furthers the cause and lays the groundwork for future years. 

WABA has or will be submitting testimony for these important bills and we will share them with you at the end of the legislative session! For now let’s thank our champions!