Newsletter: fluvial synergy

Happy Friday! 

Bikes are cool. You know what else is cool? Boats. Inspired by a former coworker (hi Shane!), a few years ago I bought a packraft that I can fit in a pannier, and, crucially, that I can bungee my bike to the top of once it’s inflated. It’s a fun trick, but as a means of travel, it is about as practical and comfortable as a pogo stick. I’ve also learned some valuable lessons about how the Anacostia River is actually quite tidal, so a spot you’ve scoped out to pull out your raft can transform over a few hours into an expanse of smelly, clingy mud that you then have to wade through carrying your raft, your bike, and your remaining dignity. 

Which is not to say that every bike+boat adventure needs to be a quagmire! A few weekends ago I biked with my daughter over to Bladensburg Waterfront Park to meet up with some other family and rent kayaks. It was great! It’s a really lovely way to get a new perspective on the river and the Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens. If you’ve ever ridden by Bladensburg on the Anacostia River Trail and thought, “I should try that some time—” you were right, you should. It’s super fun! And, as it turns out, there are a whole bunch of trail-accessible places to rent a kayak or canoe around the region: 

So, today’s fun ride idea for the weekend is: pack a picnic, ride your bike to a boat, go explore a river or lake for an afternoon. Report 

Things to do: 

Go check out the Frederick Douglass Memorial Bridge with Hill Family Biking on Saturday. 

See DDOT’s latest round of plans for Bladensburg Rd NE (it’s got protected bike lanes!) on Saturday.

On Sunday, take a Father’s Day spin around Bowie as part of the City’s Juneteenth Celebration.

Check out goDCgo’s  Biking 101 event at Anacostia Park on Saturday — lots of raffles, giveaways and fun stuff. 

Comment on WMATA’s Better Bus Network Redesign —the deadline has been extended until Sunday, June 18th! Visit the Better Bus Experience Lab where you can discover the network and leave comments.

Have a great weekend!