Support Safe Accommodations on US29/Colesville Rd.!

This action is no longer active. Please visit our action center for current actions you can take.

Montgomery County (and the Maryland State Highway Administration) are in the midst of planning the placement of the County Bus Rapid Transit or BRT, into dedicated lanes along US 29/Colesville Road. These dedicated lanes, in the road median, will make the BRT Flash buses much more efficient and attractive to transit riders. However, the County and the State have yet to plan for accommodations so people walking and biking in the US 29 corridor can use the road safely and get to the BRT and other buses safely.

To make sure that BRT on Colesville Road is fully successful, we must press the County and State transportation agencies (MCDOT & MDOT SHA) to start planning safe ways for people walking and biking and accessing transit in the Colesville corridor now.  Waiting to design and construct safety accommodations for those walking, biking, or using other mobility devices after shifting the BRT into median dedicated lanes would be a costly error, and inefficient as well.  The County and State must begin planning for safe walking and biking at the same time as the BRT dedicated lane scheme is also designed over the next year or so.

Please use the form above to send emails to the County Executive, the County Council and State Senator/Delegates (if you reside in District 20) and to the State (Maryland State Highway Administration/MDOT SHA) and County (Montgomery County Department of Transportation/MCDOT) transportation authorities to press them to combine the efforts to plan and construct dedicated lanes for the BRT and for safe accommodations for those walking, biking and using other mobility devices to move along Colesville Road and to get to the BRT.