Join the “I Bike, I Buy Stuff” Campaign

This action is no longer active. Please visit our action center for current actions you can take.

In September, WABA and the Ward 3 Bicycle Advocates (W3BA) are teaming up to remind business owners on Connecticut Ave that many of their customers are people who bike. If you live, work, or regularly shop on Connecticut Avenue in Woodley Park, Cleveland Park, Van Ness or Chevy Chase, join us in reminding businesses “I Bike, I Buy Stuff!”

Want to pitch in? Then, grab your bike, your wallet, and a phone and get shopping! Here’s how it works:

1. Buy Stuff by Bike

Grab your bike and head to a Connecticut Ave NW business between Woodley Park and Chevy Chase. Eat a meal, buy groceries, purchase a gift or take a class; be a customer.

2. Talk with Staff

While there, find an appropriate moment to share with staff that you came to their store by bike. Make it a quick, friendly interaction at the register or before paying your bill. Strapping your helmet to a bag makes for a helpful, illustrative prop. 

3. Leave A Card

Before leaving, hand the staff member an “I Bike, I Buy Stuff” card. This might strike up a positive conversation. If it feels welcome, mention that traffic calming and protected bike lanes would help you and other customers get to their front door safely.

Remember that debate is not the goal. You are not there to make an ask or demand. You are a customer reminding a business that you patronize “I Bike, and I Buy Stuff”. Keep it positive and light. Be respectful that staff have a job to do, especially if things are busy.

4. Snap a Photo & Post

Take a photo, post to Social Media and tag the business. 

  • Be sure that you, your bike, the stuff you bought, an “I Bike I Buy Stuff” card or the store you shopped at are in the frame. 
  • Post the photos and a positive message to your favorite social media space
  • Tag the business so that they see it. You may want to look up their handle and where they are most active before you go.
  • Use the hashtag “#IBikeIBuyStuff”

5. Report Back

Finally, fill out this short form. This will help us see and show where we are having an impact. It is especially helpful if you have a positive interaction that deserves following up. Bookmark this link in your phone’s browser for easy access throughout the fall.

Questions? Email