New WABA Merch!

At long last, WABA’s 2023 apparel has arrived! We wanted to let you show off the many ways you get around our community, including biking, but also trains, walking, and more. You can find our merch at our shop, but the best way to get it is to start or renew your WABA membership!

Not only do we have brand new getups, but for a limited time, we’re giving away WABA water bottles to every new and renewed Activist member! And if you’re looking to come it at the Sustainer level, you can do so at a $10 discount!Of course, WABA membership doesn’t just mean getting merch that lets you show your passion for safe streets, it also helps us build those safe streets. From supporting biking on Connecticut Avenue, to slowing traffic in Arlington, to fighting for 24/7 bus lanes on Florida Avenue, your support for WABA helps anyone who needs to get around without a car do so quickly and safely. Your contributions help us get projects not only started, but done right, and done soon. Can we count on your support?