Faith Leaders Roundtable

WABA is hosting a Faith Leaders roundtable for Faith Leaders in the DMV faith community.  This is an opportunity for Faith Leaders and transportation advocates to discuss how to deepen collaboration, create shared goals, and develop new ways to work together on sustainable transportation projects in our region. 

The voices of Faith Leaders play a vital role in shaping our transportation system for the better, and now is the time for transportation advocates to develop strong ties with the faith community for the future of our transportation system and the economy. 

Light Refreshments will be provided.

Agenda Overview: 

8:30 am-9:00 am: Breakfast and Networking 

9:00 am-9:15 am: Shared Goals for the Region: Brainstorming session to develop mutual goals between faith leaders and community members  

9:15 am -9:45 am: Deeping collaboration between transportation leaders and faith leaders: Brainstorming what does healthy collaboration look like?

9:45 am-10am: Developing a system for communication between transportation leaders and faith leaders: How often should transportation advocates and faith leaders meet?

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