Help new cyclists ride safely

Do you remember when you first learned to ride a bike? Figuring out how to balance, steer accurately, brake without falling – and then, once you got it all down, the feeling of confidence, freedom, and a whole new way to get around opening up a whole new world to you. WABA members are building a city where people of all skill levels can get comfortable and confident on a bike. Join this community of bicyclists by starting your WABA membership today!

WABA instructors taught 849 people to ride last year. One student, Kimya, celebrated that after a couple WABA classes, they now “feel comfortable enough to eventually get on the bike successfully at the age of 30!” No matter what your age or experience, WABA is here to help everyone ride, ride efficiently, and ride safely. We also know that learning to ride is just the beginning! WABA offers classes for experienced cyclists on navigating different environments. Your WABA membership supports building safe places to ride so you, Kimya, and other bicyclists can roll out of classes and into bike lanes and trails.

WABA class participants know how important it is to have safe neighborhood streets to learn and ride on. We asked Kimya why they became a WABA member and they had this to share: “I have benefited from their classes, and they are a vital voice advocating for bikers in DC!” 

WABA membership is pay what you can: any amount you can give means a year of membership for you and a critical investment in better bicycling in our region. Will you join Kimya and other bicyclists who want safer places to ride, and become a WABA member today?

Thank you for reading!

Ken ReichmannHelp new cyclists ride safely