Help support and enhance the safety and utility of Old Georgetown Road!

This action is no longer active. Please visit our action center for current actions you can take.

Almost a year ago, Maryland State Highway Administration placed buffered bike lanes on a 3+ mile stretch of MD-187, Old Georgetown Road, responding to the two deaths of teenagers Jacob Cassell and Enzo Alvarenga, who were killed when biking on the narrow sidewalks along the road. The immediate impact of these lanes was to make the sidewalks safer for walking and biking. As reported by MoCo360, “data collected by the Maryland State Highway Administration (SHA) shows the bike lanes along a two-mile stretch of the road have caused very little change in driving time but have actually reduced fatalities and tripled bike traffic.”

We can make this safer streets facility even safer and more useful. The physical barrier between car traffic and those using the lanes and sidewalks can be enhanced by placing hard-rubber curbs or other solid barriers in addition to the plastic bollards already there. The intersections of the lanes with the entrances and exits to I-495 and I-270 can be made much safer also. In addition, the lanes can be extended southwards into downtown Bethesda to directly connect to the network of protected bike lanes on Woodmont Avenue and East-West Highway.

But we need to organize:

  1. Please sign up to be a member of a WABA campaign group to support and enhance the safety and utility of the lanes:
  2. Help us choose the days/times for a group ride every week on MD-187. We hope you’ll ride every week or as often as you can make it.