Newsletter: tell me about your bike internet

I’m in the middle of a project re-working WABA’s digital strategy. Our website is due for a refresh and the social media landscape has changed a lot in the last couple years. We also stopped using Twitter at the beginning of this year, a decision that  continues to look like the right one (find us on Threads and Mastodon!). 

I won’t bore you with all the details of the process, but one of the big trends we’re thinking about is how people’s experience of the internet is getting more fragmented and siloed.  The rise of content algorithms means that we’re all less likely to see the same stuff—whether it’s news or jokes or cool bike videos. So my question, if you’re up for being a part of a low-key email focus group, is what does your bike internet look like? 

Are there bike content creators you follow or see often on Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube or elsewhere? Online spaces you spend time in, like Reddit, Discord, the regional bike forum or a google group? Are there sites you visit regularly? Send me an email and tell me about it! 

Things to do this week:

A Fun Route Idea For the Weekend

Head north from the Glenmont Metro and take a spin through some farms around Olney and Damascus. Stop by a brewery for a flight or some pizza, it that’s your jam. Here’s a route I like.