Take Action by April 7: Support Maryland Bicycling, Transit & Road-Safety Legislation

This action is no longer active. Please visit our action center for current actions you can take.

We need your help (before Sunday evening!) to win positive votes on several Maryland bicycling, transit & road-safety bills. The 2024 Maryland legislative session ends at midnight on Monday, April 8. We need to get our bills voted out of committee ASAP, and they’ll need House and Senate floor votes by Monday.

This action will send a message to the state senator and delegates who represent your district, based on the Maryland address you provide. The message will ask them to support six bills. Customize your message if you wish; the important thing is to send it right away!

As of this writing, some of our priority bills still need to be voted out of committee. By the time you read this message, we hope they’ll all be on the floor, that is, before the full senate or house membership. In both cases, reaching out to your representatives will help pass the bills. These are the bills we’d like to pass:

One bill will speed transit service and make it more efficient:

  • SB 943, the Better Bus Service Act of 2024.

Three bills that would facilitate speed-limit reductions, saving lives:

  • HB 612 would allow Montgomery County and county municipalities to reduce speed limits without conducting an engineering and traffic investigation. 
  • HB 193 is a similar speed-limit reduction bill, applying to Anne Arundel County.
  • HB 278, urban highway speed-limit reduction, would similarly allow 5 MPH reductions by the State Highway Administration without investigations.

And two bills will promote bicyclist safety and, not incidentally, benefit traffic flow:

  • HB 511, Bicycle Safety Yield, boosting road safety by allowing a cyclist to move through a Stop sign without stopping, after yielding to pedestrians and motor vehicles that have the right of way.
  • HB 111, Bikes on Sidewalks, allowing bicyclist use of sidewalks as the default statewide, important when roads are unsafe.

Please help us pass these bills by using our action to your Maryland district’s senator and delegates, Please edit our sample message, if you wish, with your own personal stories or perspective.

Thank you so much for acting!