Thanks for hanging out at the 2017 Vasa Ride!

This past Sunday, WABA hosted the 2017 Vasa Ride. Although it was a little cold, a little breezy, and a bit rainy for the first part of the day, the ride was still AWESOME and over 300 riders joined us for blueberry soup at the House of Sweden! Like all WABA Signature Rides, 100% of your hard-earned dollars directly funds our work to improve biking. Like campaigning for this network of protected bike lanes, or passing this crucial legislation, or expanding this cool trail, or investing in the longterm work to build a regional network of trails. Thank you for supporting WABA, and for having fun riding your bike with us! We’ve collected some photos of the day below, but first a shoutout to our awesome sponsors of the ride:

Now, here are some photos of the day! Thanks for joining us and see you next March!  

This year’s 50 States & 13 Colonies Ride was huge and awesome

This year, WABA saw record numbers of attendees at the annual 50 States and 13 Colonies Ride. That also means we raised some serious dough for better bicycling in the District, Maryland and Virginia— thanks for your support! Check out some of the photos of the amazing day: Thanks to our amazing event sponsors, riders were able to enjoy fruit, water, granola bars, burritos, beer, pizza, and more! DistrictTacologo 3StarsBrewinglogo

MellowMushroomlogo  CoffeeNaturelogo

Giant  KIND Logo  DrinkMoreWaterlogo

Keep being awesome, and see you at our next ride event!

50 States Registration Opens TODAY!

50 States 2016 Banner Guess what? Registration for WABA’s biggest signature ride opens TODAY at noon! You know what that means — get your eyes ready to watch for the email, fingers ready to do some clicking, and credit card ready to donate to WABA (and register for the ride, of course). The ride usually sells out in just a couple of days and this year, even though it’s bigger than ever before, you should still register as soon as possible to ensure you get a spot! Don’t know anything about the 50 States Ride? No worries. Check out this page to learn more. Also, make sure you’re a member of WABA — being able to join this ride is privilege we only offer to members. You can join WABA here. Don’t miss one of the coolest events DC has to offer — just ask Washingtonian Magazine!

You Know What Was Cool? Bike To The Pool!

On a Saturday afternoon a couple weekends back, we went for a bike ride in DC’s Ward 7. But it wasn’t just a normal bike ride — it involved splashing, swimming, and a few games of Marco Polo! We rode along the Marvin Gaye Trail and stopped off at the Watts Branch Playground Splash Park, then headed over to the Deanwood Recreation Center Pool (which has an AWESOME slide). Here are some pictures from the day: Maybe you want to give it a try this weekend? Well, here’s a map of places to swim and splash in DC: Connect all the dots!

Bike to Work Day 2016: What You Should Expect

Whoa, Bike to Work Day is next week!

BTWD2016 Promo 2 Bike to Work Day is the one day each year that our region celebrates what you love to do: ride your bike! And WABA wants to make sure you register and participate in the big day! You get to wake up a little earlier (maybe even catch a beautiful sunrise), get on a bicycle, and smile. You’ll stop by a pit stop on your way to work, enjoy a free breakfast, grab that sought after free t-shirt, and then ride your bike to work. You get to be counted as a bicyclist. You get to be part of the tremendous growth in bicycling ridership in our region. The event is organized by the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments (COG), in partnership with WABA. Check out COG’s Bike to Work Day website for helpful resources, like finding a buddy to ride with, joining a commuter convoy, and information for employers. Bike to Work Day is meant to promote bicycling as a healthy alternative to driving to work. Each year, Bike to Work Day grows more massive. Last year, over 17,500 people registered to bike to work and each of them stopped off at one of the many pit stops along their commute. This year, there are 83(!) pit stops across DC, Maryland, and Virginia, proving just how huge BTWD really is!

So, here’s what you need to do in the next few weeks before May 20th:

1. Register. For real. It is SUPER important that you register so you can be counted as a person who bikes in the region. These numbers help show growth in ridership and will help further and direct WABA’s advocacy in the future. You can register here. If you need to figure out which pit stop is on your way to work, check out this handy map. 2. Get yer bike ready to ride. If you haven’t ridden your bike in a while, there’s still time to take it out of the garage and dust it off, give your ride some TLC (lube that chain and tighten the brakes), or take your best buddy to a local bike shop for a quick tune up (hint hint: WABA members get discounts at many local shops and coops). If you don’t have a bike, borrow one from a friend. Bicyclists are very friendly. You can also try Bikeshare or rent one from somewhere like Bike and Roll. 3. Invite a friend or coworker to ride along. Riding your bike (and drinking free coffee) is always more fun with a friend. So shoot out some texts, Gchat your office buddies, or make a few phone calls. And make sure they register too! Then make plans to meet up that morning and ride to your pit stop together. 4. If you really want to show your colors, then consider joining WABA today (or renewing your membership!) or volunteer with us. Sign up here to volunteer with WABA at your local pit stop on Bike to Work Day to help spread the bicycling love.

How to Prepare for Bike to Work Day 2016

Holy heck! It’s right around the corner!

Bike to Work Day is next week! But don’t worry, WABA is here to make sure you and your bicycle are ready for your commute to work. (Did you procrastinate? No shame – just make sure to sign up now!) Whether it’s your 500th time biking to work, your first time in years, or your very first time ever: WE ARE SO HAPPY THAT YOU CHOSE TO COMMUTE ON TWO WHEELS. Yes, you may get a little sweaty (that’s what workplace bathrooms and deodorant are for). Yes, you may have helmet hair all day (tell everyone you’re going for the grunge chic look). And yes, you may just smile on the way to work (biking = happiness). Here are our top five tips to make your commute next Friday easy and enjoyable: 1. Get your bicycle ready before Friday morning. One of the worst feelings is rolling out on your trusty steed and realizing that the air in your tires is low or that your brakes are loose. Check over everything this weekend to make sure you and your bicycle are ready to go. Check out this page to make sure your bike is in tip-top shape. bicycle 2. Dress for success. Don’t feel comfortable biking in your business casual clothes? That’s totally fine. Dress for success on the bike. Wear shorts and a t-shirt and carry your work clothes (neatly folded) in a pannier if you have a rack or in a back pack, and then sneak into the office and change before going to your desk. Or if you work in a more casual setting, plan to wear lightweight clothing and layers that you can peel off if you get a little toasty on the ride. But hey, you can also ride in a suit, we do it all the time! 10594353943_25964b4888_z 3. Plan your route. Make sure you know the best way to bike to your pit stop and then from there to work. Google Maps‘ handy bicycling directions tool allows you to plug in your beginning and ending locations as well as any pit stops you might want to hit up on the way to work. Additionally, you can view a ‘layer’ on Google Maps that will display roads with dedicated bike lanes, ‘bicycle-friendly’ roads, trails, and dirt/unpaved trails, which can help you plan which route to take. One extra tip: if you’re taking a route for the first time, write down the directions on piece of paper and stick in your pocket or tape to your handlebars. 10495508246_8260623407_z 4. Find a bike buddy. It’s never too late to text your friend, knock on your neighbor’s door, or email a co-worker and invite them to bike with you. That way you have someone to help navigate or laugh with you when your pant leg gets caught in your chain — plus it will be an extra special day if you get a friend to bike with you who wouldn’t have considered commuting on two-wheels if it wasn’t for you. Or are you the shy type or just the world’s worst person in the morning? Sometimes a solo bike ride is just the thing to get you feeling alive and refreshed — and you’ll get to wave or smile to bike buddies you pass by on the ride. If you have a longer commute and still want to bike to work (good for you!), consider joining a convoy with a whole bunch of buddies! 16147963638_a81353548e_z 5. Enjoy the ride. Biking should be all about enjoying your ride. Just think: it’s way less stressful than sitting in a traffic jam on the Beltway or waiting to cram into a Metro car and you’ll get to enjoy the birdsongs and views along the way. So on Friday, take it slow, take it easy, smile when you pedal, follow traffic laws, bike safely, and enjoy the ride. enjoy the ride

If you haven’t signed up for Bike to Work Day, it’s not too late! Register right now to be eligible for bike giveaways, raffle prizes, and free breakfast snacks at your pit stop!

Meet Nick, our new Events Coordinator

Nick Russo2 Hello! I’m Nick Russo, WABA’s new Events Coordinator. I have long cared deeply about bikes, community, and infrastructure, but until now have not had the pleasure of working directly on these three issues at once. That’s why I am so psyched to dive into the awesome and engaging events we put together for our members and the larger Washington bicycling community. I grew up on a bike, have used bikes as my primary transportation for years, and have encouraged friends, family, and strangers alike to do the same. I value bicycles for many of the same reasons I imagine others do: simplicity, affordability, fitness, greenness, and lastly, community. One of my main goals at WABA is to sustain and grow the bicycling community in our area, and I plan to do that by putting together really fun and exciting events! I come to WABA with a background in policy research and advocacy, focused mostly on technology and broadband internet issues. I have also worked in national and local events coordination for a variety of non-profit organizations and, in another life, I worked in public and community radio. I love to talk about all of these things as well as bikes (duh), so feel free to get in touch with me at or on Twitter at @nickjrusso. Stay tuned for more from me and the events team—we’ve got big things in store for you!