Let’s ride into 2021 together.

2021 is in sight — and we’ve got a good tailwind thanks to a generous WABA donor who is matching your gifts, up to $50,000, between now and midnight. Can you make a gift right now to help WABA ride strong into the new year, and see its impact double?

We have $30,000 to go to meet our goal! So before you do your thing tonight to bid adieu to this strange and hard year (at home, with your household), celebrate by investing in a better 2021: 

  • More bike lanes, so it’s easier to use your bike to run errands, get to and from work, and safely visit your loved ones.
  • More trails, so we can more easily go for a ride or hike on a weekend afternoon.
  • Better policies that prioritize people over cars, so more people are empowered to safely bike, walk, scoot where they need to go.

This matching gift, up to $50,000, is a phenomenal show of faith in the WABA community to make it happen — we’re counting on you. Your support means a just and sustainable transportation system where biking, walking, and transit are the best ways to get around.

Can you make a gift today to invest in that vision, and make 2021 better for you, your neighborhood, and the whole region?

BIG news for better bicycling in 2021…

A generous donor has made an incredible pledge to get WABA across the 2020 finish line: she’s going to match your gifts, up to $50,000, doubling the impact of your support for more bike lanes and better bicycling all around — as long as you give before the clock strikes 2021. 

Will you make a gift today to make 2021 better for you, your neighborhood, and the region?

Here’s what’s on the horizon for WABA, our region, and our bicycling community in the coming year, with your investment: 

  • More bike lanes. In 2020 we pushed harder than ever, and completely changed the game—setting the stage for even more progress in the coming year.
  • A connected multi-use trail network. More than 10 miles of trails are under construction right now, and with your support, we’ll reprioritize federal transportation funding from highway projects (that won’t even diminish traffic!) to trail projects.
  • Culture shift. Our work is at the intersection of so many critical issues: racial justice, climate crises, affordable housing, transportation equity, and more. In the coming year, WABA is committed to contextualizing our vision of a just and sustainable transportation system within work for a region that’s just and sustainable as a whole. 
  • Power building. With training and support from WABA, community advocates like you will put more pressure on elected officials to transform streets at the block-by-block level. 
  • More everyday WABA goodness. Online and on the ground — from fix-a-flat webinars to safe group events, 2021 will bring more classes, trainings, and rides to keep us together. 

We’re glad you’re on this ride with us— $50,000 is a big goal, and we have never been challenged by such a generous match before. We couldn’t do this work without you beside us. 

Will you give to WABA today, to show your support for bicycling in 2021?

Top Five Reasons To Go To Tour de Fat

  Here are our top five reasons why YOU should come to Tour de Fat on Saturday, July 22nd.

1. It’s really, really fun! And you get 20% off on WABA jerseys.

Tour de Fat is WAY more fun than sitting on your couch, sitting in the grass, or sitting on a bar stool. You get to enjoy good craft beers for only $5, dance to some live rocking blues, and soak in the sun with all your closest bicycle-loving friends. On top of that, you’ll be able to buy WABA jerseys 20% off the day of the event!

2. It builds more bike lanes.

Tour de Fat is a big fundraiser for WABA (our biggest) and raises the equivalent of an entire full-time advocacy staff member. This means that when you come and enjoy a couple New Belgium Brewing beers, you are essentially funding the construction of more bike lanes and protected infrastructure around the DC region. That’s pretty darn incredible! (Note that WABA doesn’t plan, build, or install bike lanes ourselves. But we do a good deal of advocating on the grassroots level, weighing in on plans, tracking plans, providing testimony and meeting with elected officials, and organizing neighborhood-level campaigns to ensure accountability on bike plans. (Learn more about what your beer will support at waba.org/advoacacy)

3. You get to be your crazy, wacky self.

Come on, we know that crazy and wacky is in there somewhere. Let loose, forget your worries, dance like no one’s watching, wear the weirdest costume you can get your hands on.

4. There’s really good cheep beer.

This is one of the only places where you’ll find really good beer for only $5! New Belgium Brewing Company sponsors the Tour de Fat and they go all out stocking the event with cans of multiple varieties of their Colorado-based beer. Rumor has it there will be 18 (EIGHTEEN!) different types of New Belgium beer!

5. Sunshine. Friends. Soul music.

Soak up the sunshine with a smile while enjoying a cold brew outside with your closest friends. Boogie to  Vintage Trouble as they serenade you with bluesy rock and roll and soul music. Basically, the most perfect summer day ever.  

Get tickets