The Vision Zero Driver Pledge

Basic principles for moving through space that contains other humans.
More than 400 people are killed on our region’s roads every year. That’s too many. One is too many. We can’t eliminate traffic deaths unless we change the way we drive. So don’t just take this Vision Zero pledge—take it to heart. Think about it when you’re behind the wheel.  

The Pledge

As a traveller of the Washington, DC region, I pledge to contribute to the collective well-being, health and safety of our community.I will intentionally:
  • Refrain from aggressive driving, distracted driving and impaired driving,
  • Protect our most vulnerable users by behaving appropriately for an urban, multi-modal environment,
  • Prioritize people above punctuality by planning ahead, and
  • Know and abide by the rules of the road concerning walking, biking and driving.

Easy steps to honor your pledge:

  • Drive the speed limit (or below it). Speed is the single biggest factor in whether or not a crash is fatal. Good news: it’s entirely in your control to drive slower!
  • Don’t drive distracted. Ignore your phone when you’re in the driver’s seat. Keep your attention where it needs to be: on what’s happening around you.
  • Look out for others. Roads are shared public space, so expect to accommodate other people. When you’re driving, it’s your responsibility to negotiate space in a way that is comfortable and safe, both for you and for everyone else on the road.