Capital Crescent Trail Completion

Capital Crescent Trail WABA will ensure that a complete off-road paved multi-use trail is built from Bethesda to Silver Spring. WABA will advocate for improved trail access to the existing facility, as well as ongoing maintenance and repairs. The paved portion of the Capital Crescent Trail between the District and Bethesda sees well over a million trips per year and is both an important transportation artery and a well-loved recreation route. The unpaved portion of the trail, also called the Georgetown Branch Trail, between Bethesda and Silver Spring is also well-loved, but is far less used, as its unpaved condition and numerous at-grade crossings of major roadways can present challenges. Montgomery County has committed to funding and constructing a paved extension of the trail, with grade separated crossings, from Bethesda to the Silver Spring Transit Center alongside the Purple Line rail project.



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