Newsletter: behind the scenes

Happy Friday,

We’re in prep mode for the Cider Ride tomorrow, so my brain is full of logistics today. Here’s a quick look at what ride prep looks like at your friendly neighborhood bike nonprofit:

Did you know that you can fit 80 gallons of cider into one bike parking space?
Let me tell you, having a printer that will fold and staple these things for us is a real game-changer. 
Sometimes you walk into the conference room and there’s water dribbling from the ceiling. 
We call this snack mountain. 
One of several pie towers.
The logistics canyon.
It’s probably fine.

Things to do this week:

A Fun Route Idea For the Weekend

Stuff a thermos of coffee and some scones into your pannier and pedal out to Widewater for a little morning moment of peace watching the hawks and herons wheel over the water. Here’s how I’d get there, but any route to the C&O will do the trick.