This Week in Bike Reads

WABA Ambassadors Megan and Pete

A business publication notices that bicycles mean business. (It’s based in Oregon, but still!)

The Pennsylvania Avenue zebras are D.C.’s best nonfunctional road art.

DDOT is installing a curbed bike lane along 1st Street NE.

And, the M Street cycletrack should be finished in a week or two.

Complete this survey about Florida Avenue NE on Tues., April 15 if you’d like to vocalize the need for bike accommodations. You can read more about the options for Florida Avenue NE that we think are good for cyclists here.

Have you registered for Bike to Work Day yet?

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This Week in Bike Reads

April Trailer Challenge

The Bike Rack and Filter are opening a bike store/coffee shop in Brookland.

We agree that every day should be Bike to Not-Work Day. But while you’re at it, go ahead and register for Bike to Work Day anyway!

Texans have realized that its sprawling metro areas have too much traffic and are, thusly, beginning to embrace bicycling.

Are you following our April Trailer Challenge?

Contraflow lanes have gone in on G and I streets NE.

Biking is healthy, round 100.

Advice from Virginia lawyer Bruce Deming regarding what to do in the event of a crash.

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This Week in Bike Reads


Cars: still parking in D.C. bike lanes. (In Houston, there’s an undercover sting for that.)

Dr. Gridlock says to register for Bike to Work Day.

Here’s the evolution of the bicycle, in 60 seconds.

WABA staffer Nelle Pierson rode from New York City to D.C., a route inspired by five black female cyclists—in 1928.

Black Women Bike DC will hold a “Surviving the Streets on a Bike” workshop in advance of Bike to Work Day, on April 26.

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This Week in Bike Reads


Citibike, one of the only bikesharing systems without public funding, is struggling to cover its costs on ads and revenue alone.

Familiarize yourself with Rosslyn’s Intersection of Doom.

The Bicycle Story profiles our own Nelle Pierson, outreach coordinator and Women & Bicycles leader extraordinaire.

Some people truly believe in the all-powerful bike lobby.

Anita Bonds would like a moratorium on bike lanes.

King Street bike lanes: It’s a wrap. Read more from WAMU, the Washington PostWTOPNBC, and Fox.

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This Week in Bike Reads

bright bicyclist

Better biking through technology

Seriously, biking (including Capital Bikeshare) really does mean business.

The Richmond Times-Dispatch condemns Virginia’s General Assembly for only passing one out of three bicycling-friendly bills.

Have you seen the driver who hit a cyclist in Anne Arundel County and left the scene?

Take this survey about the W&OD Trail.

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled against rail-trails this week.

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This Week in Bike Reads

Bikeshare past St Matthew's

Read Bike Portland’s dispatches from the National Bike Summit

San Francisco can very definitely afford bike infrastructure, according to this Green Lane Project infographic.

Register for Bike to Work Day 2014!

Winter will never go away. Fortunately, there are endless tips on how to handle winter riding. Here are some from WTOP.

Er, well, maybe winter will eventually exit and the cherry blossoms will bloom. Keep your eye out for this be-blossomed pink Bikeshare bike.

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This Week in Bike Reads


Sneckdowns are serious business.

See one man’s quest to get Montgomery County to clear the Capital Crescent Trail in event of snow.

The D.C. Bicycle Advisory Committee has some damning comments regarding the city’s work on bike infrastructure.

How significant of an issue is air pollution to cyclists?

Though public shaming via social media was necessary to get the city to clear the Pennsylvania Avenue bike lane…

DDOT staffers got on it.

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This Week in Bike Reads

Bikeshare break

Following a crash in Minneapolis that resulted in a cyclist’s death, this blog says it’s not about whether the cyclist was riding safely.

Harriet Tregoning did much to further better bike infrastructure in D.C. She’s also a devoted Brompton rider.

WABA bike ambassador Pete explains why giving cycling a voice (literally!) is a great thing.

Traffic signals give priority to cyclists in the Netherlands, of course.

Another driver drove on the W&OD Trail.

If you haven’t already, please sign our petition to encourage the District Department of Transportation and the National Park Service to fix the Rock Creek Park Trail.

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This Week in Bike Reads


Y’all bike when it’s cold outside.

D.C.’s spirit animal of bike lanes, the snowy owl, was hit by a bus.

Georgetown’s getting more bike corrals.

The Maryland Department of Transportation is rebuilding the Susquehanna Amtrak bridge. Sign this petition to ask that it include bike lanes.

Yet more still on the King Street bike lanes.

Need a bike valet? There’s a local business for that.

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This Week in Bike Reads

snow bicycle

Use M.V. Jantzen’s interactive tool to play with Capital Bikeshare data from 2013.

The League of American Bicyclists has a new mission statement.

This documentary is a trifecta: transportation, gentrification, and funded by Kickstarter.

The saga of the King Street bike lanes continues: The plan will be subjected to two more hearings.

DDOT did not do a very good job clearing D.C.’s bike lanes of snow.

The Bicycle Story profiles friend of WABA and Friday Coffee Club co-founder Mary Gersemalina.

Bixi’s finances are in a bad place, but Capital Bikeshare says it’ll be just fine.

Hey! Come to our happy hour next week! Bikes, beer, and Gordon Biersch—it’ll be a great time.

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