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Region-Wide Actions

District of Columbia Actions

Your voice will make Alabama Ave SE safer for all who use it

Three opportunities to speak up for a safer Alabama Ave


Alabama Ave Public Meeting: Ward 7

Speak up for better biking in Ward 7


Alabama Ave Public Meeting: Ward 8

Speak up for better biking in Ward 8


Give Input on Metro Proposed FY2025 Budget by March 5

Submit survey responses and comment letters on Metro’s proposed fiscal year 2025 budget by 5:00 pm on March 5, 2024.


Safety First on Q And R Streets NW / NE

DC has many north-south protected bike lanes in Ward 2, but the lack of high-quality, east-west routes put people who bike in constant danger. It’s time to put Safety First on Q & R St.


The Connecticut Ave Protected Bike Lane needs to happen this year.

Ask the council to use legislation and the budget to move this project forward this year.


Save the Foundry Branch Trestle Bridge

Let’s not miss a chance to create a safe biking and walking alternative to Canal Road in Georgetown—sign this petition from grassroots advocates.


Join the “I Bike, I Buy Stuff” Campaign

Business owners are an important stakeholder for street safety redesigns. Join our campaign to remind business owners on Connecticut Ave that their customers get there by bike.


Petition – Bikes Belong in Ward 8

Sign the Ward 8 Bike Alliance and WABA petition to urge Ward 8 and DC leaders to make Ward 8 a safer place for people who bike.


Remove Police from Traffic Enforcement

The best way to ensure walkers, bicyclists, and bus riders have safe commutes is to fund safe infrastructure to change driver behavior, and to educate drivers on safety rules and regulations. We can start to move the pace towards investing in safe infrastructure by moving away from the dated status quo of relying on armed […]


Maryland Actions

Virginia Actions