Newsletter: why are we like this

Happy Friday,

A while back I was at an event with some other comms people, and the social media person for a local Department of Transportation asked me, in an earnest way, “why are bike people like that?” What she meant in that moment was—I think—”why are bike people on twitter so intense and angry all the time?” Social media is a crucible for outrage and other primal emotions, of course, but there’s an underlying truth in her question. We can be an intense bunch, online or in real life. 

But not without good reason!  Biking is often a combination of extreme experiences: you can’t beat a good bike ride as a source of joy, freedom and endorphins. But we’re also all too familiar with the sour adrenaline jangle of a close encounter with a driver’s bad decision. It’s hard to keep your cool when a joyful everyday activity can turn so quickly into an experience of vulnerability and fear, or worse.

Things to do this week:

A Fun Route Idea For the Weekend

Go take a joyful spin with Hill Family Biking on Saturday. They’re looking for ride marshals too, if you’re up for it.