Volunteer at Open Streets!

Our pumpkin pop-up protected bike lane!

DC is bringing back Open Streets!

Join us on Saturday, October 2 to see and celebrate what our streets look like when we close them to cars and open them to people for walking, biking, dancing, and playing. 

The District closes three miles of Georgia Ave NW, from Barry Pl to Missouri Ave, for you to enjoy. As you make your way up and down the corridor on foot or bike, you’ll see lots of businesses and organizations with plenty of activities going on. WABA will be there, teaching bike riding skills and asking people to join us in asking for even more Open Streets from District leadership.

We’ll be out asking folks to sign a petition for more streets for people.

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Workshop: Getting Safe Streets that Work for Everyone

In this workshop, WABA’s Organizing Manager walks through some of the specific ways that we approach making streets safe, comfortable, and accessible. We review our proven strategies for getting attention and action from DC agencies on sidewalk fixes, intersection improvements, traffic calming, and more to improve traffic safety and reduce traffic crashes.


  • Basic steps for interacting with DDOT and city agencies—getting the most out of 311 and traffic safety assessments
  • What to ask for—effective changes for more walkable, safe, and low-stress streets
  • Building support—looping in elected officials and civic groups to get things done
  • Tactics, tips and resources for escalating—proven strategies for demonstrating support and how WABA can support getting results

Download the slides here.

Next Steps

Do you have a street safety issue that affects walking, biking or traffic safety that is not getting traction with a DC agency? Do you have an idea for a design change to make a street near you more walkable and bikeable? We would love to hear about it and connect you with people and resources to make it happen. Email garrett.hennigan@waba.org to get started. Learn more about our campaign to build DC’s Low Stress Bicycle Network and get involved at waba.org/network.

Bike Maintenance 201

Have you been riding a lot more lately? If you ride often, regular maintenance can help your bike parts move smoothly and last longer! We know that wear and tear on your bike can happen so join the Bike Ambassadors as we discuss how to maintain your bike. In this webinar we’ll go over pre-ride inspections, securing bolts, and cleaning and lubricating key components. We’ll show you the tools needed (plus how to use them) to perform bike maintenance in the comfort of your own home. At the end of the webinar you’ll learn some helpful skills needed to keep your bike rolling smoothly.


Women & Bicycles Bystander Intervention Workshop

Everyone should have the right to feel comfortable in public spaces, including while biking. However, this right isn’t afforded to everyone equally due to state and interpersonal violence. This violence is most harmful to marginalized communities. 

Leila Raven, Community Organizer (see full bio below), will lead a virtual workshop for cis women and trans folks interested in learning about the systems at play that enable and reinforce harassment and assault. In the first half of the workshop, people will have an opportunity to share their experiences and then Leila will offer broader context about state and interpersonal violence. The second half of the workshop will be focused on discussing the ways race impacts our experiences and practicing strategies to keep each other safe.

We want you to come as you are and be fully present for the workshop. This event will be moderated by Leila and racism, sexism, transphobia, homophobia, ableism, tokenism, ageism, etc. are not welcome. Period. If you cross any of these guidelines you will be removed from the virtual space. With that being said, we are making it a priority to center marginalized folks and their experiences. 

This workshop will be hosted on Zoom with live captioning on Tuesday, July 27th from 7:00 to 9:00PM. Click the registration button to register for this free event and share it with your friends!


Leila Raven is an Afro-Latina queer mama, educator, and organizer working to create safety without prisons or policing. She is the former director of Collective Action for Safe Spaces (CASS), a founding organizer of the DecrimNow DC and Decrim NY campaigns, and she is a co-creator of the 8 to Abolition platform.

Note: This event is a part of WABA’s Women & Bicycles program and is only open to those who identify as woman/trans/femme. If that’s not you, we have plenty of other events you should check out at waba.org/fun. Know someone who should come? Please share this event with them! If you need accommodations, have questions about access or the event, send us an email at womenandbicycles@waba.org.

The 2020 WABA Awards (with cookies)

Every spring, in the before times, we’d host an awards event to to celebrate a few folks that have done amazing work to make our region a better place to bike. Couldn’t do that this year.

Instead, last week, we rode around and gave people cookies. Please join us in this post of appreciation and celebration.

Super Volunteer Award:  Laurie Williams- Black Women Bike

We’re so happy to present the 2020 Super Volunteer Award to Laurie Williams. In her work with Black Women Bike, Laurie has introduced a host of new folks from across the county to the nuts and bolts of bike advocacy, in addition to being a vocal and energetic supporter of the Henson Creek Trail.  We are honored to celebrate all that Laurie does for our community!

Public Leadership Award: Fairfax County Board of Supervisor Lusk and Supervisor Alcorn 

We’re excited to present Fairfax County Supervisors Rodney Lusk and Walter Alcorn with our 2020 Public Leadership Award for their work to make Fairfax County a safer place to walk and bike, and roll. At their urging, the Board of Supervisors required the County Department of Transportation to establish a timeline for implementing its ActiveFairfax Transportation Plan, evaluate its current approach for funding pedestrian improvements, and establish measurable safety goals.

Community Advocate Award: Gregg Adams, DCBAC

We’re pleased to present our 2020 Community Advocate Award to Gregg Adams. Gregg is the At-large Bicycle Advisory Council representative for At-Large Councilmember Anita Bonds. Gregg has been a fierce and vocal advocate for a safer Suitland Parkway, for the Eastern Downtown protected bike lane project, and for safety improvements across Ward 8. You may have seen him at public meetings, or leading rides to highlight infrastructure gaps in Ward 8. 

Trail Champion Award: Liz Thorstensen, Rails-to-Trails Conservancy

We’re very happy to present our 2020 Trail Champion Award to Liz Thorstensen. Liz is the Chair of the Capital Trails Coalition, where she has been an invaluable partner in developing  the Capital Trails Coalion’s Impact Report, which provides a detailed, data-driven explanation of all of the ways that completing the regional trail network will be amazing (check it out at capitaltrailscoalition.org/report).

Biking for All Award: Sweeetz Labamba, Seasoned Settlers

We’re pleased to present the 2020 Biking For All award to Sweeetz Labamba and her educational entertainment program Seasoned Settlers. Seasoned Settlers organizes bike rides in Ward 8 neighborhoods, creating inclusive opportunities to learn life skills, explore the outdoors, and learn about trails and bike safety. 

Heart and Soul Award: Kristy Daphnis and Alison Gillespie – Open Streets Montgomery

We are pleased to present the 2020 Heart And Soul Award to Kristy Daphnis and Alison Gillespie, for their work forming Open Streets Montgomery. These two veteran advocates were instrumental in opening space on County streets and park roads for people walking, biking and rolling during the pandemic. If you enjoyed riding or walking on car free street in MoCo in 2020, Open Streets Montgomery probably had a hand in making it happen. 

Vision Zero Award:  Councilmember Monique Anderson-Walker, Prince George’s County 

We’re pleased to present our 2020 Vision Zero Award to Prince George’s County Councilmember Monique Anderson-Walker, for her work to prevent crashes on Indian Head highway and change the driving culture in the County and regionally with her #DrivingItHome initiative. Councilmember Walker has been a consistent voice for safety-focused policy changes in Prince George’s.

Educator of the Year Award: Robyn Short

We are excited to present our 2020 Educator of the Year Award to Robyn Short. 

Robyn is a WABA instructor and is a part of the Black Women Bike leadership team. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Robyn continued to find opportunities to share her love of biking and teaching with others. She developed multiple webinars for Black Women Bike and WABA, was interviewed by CNN and WAMU on the 2020 bike boom, and has been an excellent spokesperson for bicycle education and COVID safe riding in our region. She brings so much enthusiasm, confidence and warmth to her role as an instructor and a leader. 

Youth Leadership Award: Alex Clark, Prime Ability Bikes

We’re pleased to present our 2020 Youth Leadership Award to Alex Clark, of Prime Ability Bikes. 

Alex is a high school Health and Physical Education teacher and team sports coach at Dunbar High School in Washington, DC. He is also the creator of Prime Ability, with the mission of building communities and inspiring the lives of young people through fitness. Program participants “train at an elite level for their prospective sport, as well as enhance the way they think, make decisions and plan for their lives.” Alex launched the Prime Ability biking program during the pandemic to provide students with a space to grow physically, mentally, emotionally and professionally. He is passionate about using bicycling as an outlet for fun, character development, and community-building.

Women & Bicycles Reliable, Affordable Transportation Ride and Chat

About this ride:

Expect a low key, conversational pace on mostly flat, car free trails. We’ll stop at a few places to talk about this article about how hospitality workers struggle to find reliable, affordable transportation. We’ll be out for about 2 hours. 

Note: This ride series is a part of WABA’s Women & Bicycles program and is only open to those who identify as woman/trans/femme/non-binary. If that’s not you, we have plenty of other events you should check out at waba.org/fun. Know someone who should come? Please share this event with them!


Where We’re Riding: 

The Anacostia Tributary Trails are quaint stream valley trails that stretch throughout Prince George’s and Montgomery Counties in Maryland and the District. We’ll do a short, flat 7 mile ride on Piscataway land starting from West Hyattsville Metro Station (2700 Hamilton St, Hyattsville, MD 20782). The ride is round trip. We’ll depart from West Hyattsville Metro Station and head to Bladensburg Waterfront Park via the Northwest Branch Trail. 

While riding, walking, or taking a break along the ride routes, participants must maintain 6 ft of distance between themselves and others not in their households. During the check-in, the chat, and while otherwise gathered as a group, participants must wear a mask that covers their mouth and nose. Helmets are required for this ride. If you don’t have one, email us and we’ll get you a loaner. We’ll be riding on a paved trail for the duration of the ride and welcome you to bring your own bike. Don’t have a personal bike? No worries. We’ll reimburse your usage fee of a Capital Bikeshare bike – just shoot us an email. It will likely be warm so please dress accordingly in comfortable attire and bring water to stay hydrated.

What We’re Reading: 

We’ll be reading Hospitality Workers Struggle to Find Reliable, Affordable Ways Home from Washington City Paper that discusses the intersection of service industry workers and transportation (in)justice. An issue that has only been exacerbated by the pandemic but has been around for a very long time.


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This ride is sponsored by New Belgium Brewing Company.