The Big Picture, Block by Block.

Picture DC in 2050. What do you see? We see a just and sustainable city. Equitable access to housing and food for everyone. It’s easy to get where you’re going on foot, on the bus, on the Metro, on your bike. We see an extensive bike network connecting our dense region. You, your kids, nephews, nieces, or grandkids, can all get where you need to go safely, easily, happily on bikes.

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In 2021, we kicked off a campaign to build that network. The whole thing. A decade of planning has been derailed by agencies and leaders who don’t see the big picture. In the meantime, thousands and thousands of people keep driving, not because they want to, but because they don’t have safe alternatives. And many of us have friends and family members who’ve been hurt, or worse, because our streets don’t have safe spaces to ride.

Here’s what we know: our streets get safer when we organize and demand safe mobility. So let’s get organized.

Citywide Advocate Meetings

Join us at our next citywide meeting to get involved in building the low stress network near you. We will share key updates and opportunities, workshop strategy, and break out into local groups to get to work on individual projects.

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We’ll have these meetings regularly to support and inspire each other.

The Network

Here’s a map of what we’re talking about—a network of protected bike lanes and other low stress bikeways. This map is a living document, and we hope you’ll help shape it. See a missing connection or an opportunity? Join our next meeting to talk about it!

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What’s Next

We’ve seen over and over that when neighbors get organized, bike lanes get built. We’re working to make sure that you have the tools you need to talk to your neighbors, neighborhood businesses, and elected officials.

If you can’t make a meeting, come to the next one! Interested in volunteering on a campaign? Fill out the form above or email

Upcoming Events

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Actions You Can Take

Join the “I Bike, I Buy Stuff” Campaign

Business owners are an important stakeholder for street safety redesigns. Join our campaign to remind business owners on Connecticut Ave that their customers get there by bike.


Weigh in on the Georgetown Transportation Study

Do you have big ideas for connecting Georgetown to DC’s bike network or making buses more reliable? Here’s a survey for you!


Support Better Bike Connections at the Brookland Metro

A new development proposed for the Brookland Metro Station offers an opportunity for better bike connections. Read more from Ward 5 For All and take action!


Petition: Support 24/7 Bus Lanes on Florida Ave

Florida Avenue is one of the most important streets in NE and NW DC and it should have 24/7 bus lanes.


Take the Georgetown Transportation Survey

DDOT and the Georgetown BID want your ideas on improving walking, biking and buses in Georgetown. Take the survey.


Petition – Bikes Belong in Ward 8

Sign the Ward 8 Bike Alliance and WABA petition to urge Ward 8 and DC leaders to make Ward 8 a safer place for people who bike.


Support protected bike lanes on 14th St NW

DDOT has a plan to speed up buses and add protected bike lanes to 14th St north of Newton St. Take the survey by 8/20.


Don’t let DDOT derail the Connecticut Ave Protected Bike Lane

Remind the Mayor and her team that keeping people safe is always more important than parking, that bike lanes are GREAT for business, and that every delay means more crashes, more preventable injuries. Build it now and built it right!


Support Low Stress Biking on 11th St NW

DDOT wants feedback on options for adding protected bike lanes to 11th St. NW between S St and Florida Ave NW.


Safety First on Q And R Streets NW / NE

DC has many north-south protected bike lanes in Ward 2, but the lack of high-quality, east-west routes put people who bike in constant danger. It’s time to put Safety First on Q & R St.



Advocate Resources


Where do 2023 Gaithersburg Council Candidates Stand on Biking & Transportation?

Check out responses to our 2023 Gaithersburg candidate questionnaire.


2023 Fairfax County Board of Supervisors Candidate Questionnaire Results

Check out responses to our Fairfax County Board of Supervisor candidate questionnaire.


2023 Rockville Mayoral & Council Candidate Questionnaire

Check out responses to our 2023 Rockville candidate questionnaire.


Workshop: DC’s Budget Process & Working with Your ANC

Learn how to weigh in on DC’s spending plan and how to engage with your Advisory Neighborhood Commission for safe streets.


Equitable Investment in Montgomery County’s Bike Network

Read WABA’s proposal for investing in improving transportation equity through better biking and walking network in four Equity Focus Areas.


Envisioning a Safer Street

Your street doesn’t feel safe. How could you change it to make it better? You don’t need a traffic engineering degree to come up with workable solutions.


Workshop: Working with Advisory Neighborhood Commissions

In this session, we’ll look at the ups, downs and idiosyncrasies of the District’s hyperlocal elected bodies. ANCs are critical to advancing safe streets projects in DC.


Workshop: Understanding and Participating in the Transportation Planning Process

In this video, we explore how the District Department of Transportation moves a project from idea to construction and opportunities to weigh in.


Workshop: Effective Tactics

In this video, we will cover some tactics to build support for a project, and then demonstrate that support to the right decision-makers.


Workshop: Planning to Win

Thoughtful strategy is key to a successful campaign. In this video, we look at strategies for winning campaigns—power-mapping; understanding the process and biases of people (and agencies); setting goals and measuring progress; and connecting the right tactics with the right people at the right time.


Workshop: Talking About Safe Streets

In this session, we’ll tackle one of the most fundamental parts of winning campaigns: how to talk about what you want.


Workshop: Geometry of Street Transformations

Dive into the geometry and limits of transforming streets, plus get to know a tool for mocking up street changes.


Workshop: Getting Safe Streets that Work for Everyone

Proven strategies for getting attention and action from DC agencies on sidewalk fixes, intersection improvements, traffic calming, and more.


How do I get a bike rack?

Here’s a quick breakdown on how to get new bike parking installed.


Reporting Road and Infrastructure Maintenance Issues

Tips on using DC’s 311 system to report maintenance issues to get things fixed.


How to report construction blocking your bike lane in DC

DC law requires that when a bike lane or sidewalk is closed for construction, an equally safe accommodation, free of hazards and debris, must be provided. Here’s how to identify and report violations.


Other ways to help out

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