Ask a Mechanic

Join Phoenix Bikes for Ask A Mechanic – virtual Q&A sessions with their expert mechanic, Raymond. In the session on Monday, January 25 at 5:00 PM, they’ll go over a few quick tips on brakes for the first 5 minutes and open up the rest of the time for questions on brakes or anything else bike-related. 

For more information and to register head over to the Facebook event page.

If you had any accessibility needs or general questions, feel free to contact Raymond at

What’s Next for 20X20?

In 2020, thanks to your support and voice, so many of the protected bike lanes we’ve been fighting for over the last year are open for riding or slated for construction this coming spring. We’re a lot closer to a fully protected and connected bicycle network for DC, than when we started this campaign, 18 months ago. 

But looking ahead, DC’s network still has major gaps and projects that have not gotten off the ground, projects that will require our collective voices to push them from plans to pavement. 

This month we are reflecting on our successes and what we’ve learned over the past year. We want to hear from supporters like you as we develop the next phase of this campaign. Together, we’re organizing grassroots power to build more protected bike lanes and low-stress places to bike, faster

Take this Survey and Help Shape the Future of this Campaign

As 2021 begins, we need to hear from you to help shape the next phase of our campaign. 

Please take a few minutes to fill out this survey that will give us the feedback we need to help shape the future of our campaign to complete the protected bike lane network in DC.


Take A Moment to Celebrate

In July 2019, DC had built about 11 miles of protected bike lanes. With the collective and organized action of hundreds of advocates like you, we spoke up, telling Neighborhood Commissioners, Councilembmers, and DDOT staff that we needed a connected, protected and more equitable bike lane network. How did we do?

  • 6.6 miles of new or upgraded protected bike lanes installed Aug 2019 – Dec 2020
  • 4.2 miles of protected bike lane approved & on track for installation in Spring 2021
  • 7+ miles of protected bike lane projects took significant steps in planning, design and community buy-in with completion likely in 2021 or 2022
4th St. NW/SW
G St. NW
Brentwood Parkway NE
New Jersey Ave. SE

Show Up & Get Involved in 2021

We have groups of community advocates working in every ward to build support for the 20×20 projects. Getting involved is easy. Sign up hereto be the first to hear about actions, updates and get involved with planning.

Green shirts, pruning shears, good vibes.

Trail rangers in green shirts ride along the Anacostia River Trail with trailers

Maybe you’ve seen them sporting green shirts, trimming bushes and helping folks with flat tires. Regardless of what they’re doing, the WABA’s Trail Rangers keep our trails nice and usable.

Much of my job happens behind a computer, but this fall I got to experience working as a Trail Ranger firsthand. One day each week, a coworker and I threw on the iconic green shirt and biked around to sweep glass of trails and clean graffiti.

It was a lot of work—but it sure was rewarding. Every shift, enthusiastic folks approached us, wanting to know who we represented. “WABA!” we always shouted, heartwarmed that so many people wanted to pitch in themselves.

Like our trails themselves, the Trail Rangers bring people together. When you see us out on the trail, give us a wave or stop and say hi— we love to chat!

Tell your legislators you support MC 4-21: Transferring automated Traffic Enforcement to the Department of Transportation

Police are not experts on street design or what makes a street safe for all of its users.  That expertise resides in the County Department of Transportation (MCDOT) and therefore, the management and implementation of the County’s automated enforcement program should be located within MCDOT, not the county police department.  To resolve this problem,  the State Delegates and Senators who represent Montgomery County are considering a bill, MC 4-21, that would authorize moving the automated traffic enforcement program from the County Police Department to MCDOT.  The County Delegation will vote on this bill on or around December 17. 

Please email your state Senator and Delegates telling them you support the passage of MC 4-21.

Public Meeting for Route 1 Multimodal Improvements

The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) welcomes you to the virtual public information meeting for the Route 1 Multimodal Improvements Study. The meeting will be held December 16, from 6:30pm-8pm.

VDOT wants to ensure that all members of the community have the opportunity to participate in public decisions on transportation projects and VDOT representatives will be present to discuss the project and answer your questions.

On the meeting webpage there is a link to comment and give input.

All oral and written comments received on this project will be included in a transcript for review by VDOT personnel, citizens and other interested parties.

Written comments will be accepted until December 28th 2020.

Bike Ambassador How To: ABC Quick Check

Join the Bike Ambassadors Tuesday, December 22nd at 12pm, as they walk you through how to do an ABC Quick Check on your bike. Learn how to perform some basic bike maintenance to make sure your bike is in good condition for your next ride. We’ll walk you through how to check your tire pressure, brakes, chain and a few other things. Performing an ABC Quick check before your next ride can help make sure your bike is safe to ride. Join us as we share tips on what to check for and help answer other bike questions.

Join via Zoom!

Cycling Maintenance Tips for Colder Months with Jafe Cycling

Have you ever wondered how to maintain your bike during the colder months? If so, join WABA and our friends at Jafe Cycling as we share cycling maintenance tips for colder months! Matt Onojafe with Jafe Cycling will discuss how often you need tune ups, how to clean your drive drain and when to replace your brake pads. As we transition into riding in colder weather, we want to share our knowledge and experience with you so you are prepared for your next ride.

Join us via Zoom, to learn more about bike maintenance and ask your biking questions. 

Founded by Matt Onojafe during the 2020 pandemic, Jafe Cycling provides bicycle repairs, routine maintenance, 1 on 1 riding tutorials, is an authorized reseller of bike apparel, and big brand bicycles. Jafe Cycling has connected with many of the emerging bike clubs within the DC metropolitan area, hosting and facilitating large group rides. The goal is to bring awareness to human equality, pandemic relief, and community health & wellness.

We’ll be using Zoom/Rev which has auto-captioning with a minor delay and a text chat. Need accommodations, have questions about access, or have questions about the event? Send us an email at

Please keep in mind if we do chat about bike advice that what works for you may not work for everyone, and unsolicited advice can feel unwelcoming and condescending. Please come in the spirit of solidarity and communal problem solving.

Virginia Advocacy Roundup

As we continue to virtually organize from our homes, the WABA advocacy team has made it a priority this year to remain engaged in the push to achieve Vision Zero and complete our bike and trail network in Northern Virginia. Our strategies in Northern Virginia this year include :

  • Regional Coordination: We have been hosting quarterly meetings with northern VA bike and transportation advocates to collaborate and amplify advocates who are on the ground making northern VA a safer place to walk and bike. 
  • Showing up:  Attending and participating in regional vision zero meetings to influence regional vision zero action plans. 
  • Collaborating: Working within existing state-wide advocacy coalitions to pass legislation and budgetary measures that help achieve local bike and pedestrian safety goals. 
  • Making Space to Focus: We’ve created a northern VA subcommittee within the Capital Trails Coalition. The sub committee will be charged with coming up with the strategy to complete our trail network in northern VA. 

We are excited to collaborate with our partners on the ground in northern VA and look forward to the work ahead! Check out some of the additional updates and ways to take action below! 

Actions to take:

Submit Comments on the Arlington Vision Zero Action Plan!

There are still opportunities to give your feedback on transportation safety in Arlington between now and November 30th, 2020. 

Arlington is in the process of developing their vision zero action plan and they are seeking feedback from the public. 

To take action on safety issues before crashes occur, they need to hear from people who travel in Arlington every day! Click here to read the draft Arlington Vision Zero Action Plan. You can email your comments to Christine Baker at

Get updates and submit comments on the City of Fairfax Bicycle Transportation Plan

The Bike Fairfax City bicycle transportation plan is being developed to help the City identify and prioritize projects to connect the City’s network of on- and off-street bicycle facilities. The 2035 Comprehensive Plan envisions a “Green Ribbon” network that connects neighborhoods, provides more transportation options, and improves access to key destinations like the City’s activity centers.

Click here to sign up for updates about the Bike Fairfax City plan and email comments to

Arlington Plans Protected Bike Lanes on Army Navy Drive

Arlington County is finalizing plans for a completely reimagined Army Navy Drive in Pentagon City to include new curb-protected bike lanes, dedicated bus lanes, and much safer pedestrian spaces and intersections. The plans are at 90%, but there are still a few improvements we would like to see.

Click here to read Sustainable Transportation for Arlington County’s take and submit comments by Dec 4.

Other updates

Virginia Conservation Network

WABA joined the Virginia Conservation Network! Within the network we will now be active in their new bicycle/pedestrian committee. Through the committee we will be advocating alongside partners such as Alexandria/Arlington Families for Safer Streets, Bike Walk RVA, Coalition for Smarter Growth, Friends of the Lower Appomattox River, New River Valley Bike Association, Roanoke Outside, Shenandoah Valley Bicycle Coalition, Virginia Bike Federation, Virginia Capital Trail Foundation, VCTF/Virginia Trail Alliance. 

Through the coalition we will push the General Assembly to adopt our collective policy priorities. 

One of our top priorities this year will include finding permanent funding for Northern VA bike and pedestrian projects. Stay tuned on ways to get involved! 

Mount Vernon Trail Upgrades

The Mount Vernon Trail is one of the most-used trails in the region, serving as both a critical transportation link and recreation treasure. But as we all know, the trail is far too narrow to comfortably accommodate everyone. After years of preliminary discussions and planning, the National Park Service completed a study of the trail’s needs that recommends extensive trail widening, bridge upgrades, and other safety improvements. We still have much more work to usher these changes through the process and get them funded, but upgrades are coming! Read the study here.  The Capital Trails Coalition has provided support for a request through Virginia’s SMART SCALE program to fund the work.

A new connection to the Mount Vernon Trail

The Virginia Department of Transportation and the National Park Service are working a new connection to the Mount Vernon Trail on Boundary Channel Drive, which will create new connections to Crystal City, the Pentagon, and the future Long Bridge. Read our comments here

Referendum in Fairfax Passes

The Fairfax County Board of Supervisors authorized four bond referendums totaling $441 million for this fall’s general election. On the November 3rd, 2020 general election, voters were asked to vote “yes” or “no” on each of the four bonds. One of these bonds includes $112M proposed for improving and maintaining parks in Fairfax County. This funding is an important opportunity to expand the trail network in Northern Virginia, and we sent out an email urging our supporters to vote YES on this bond. And it passed! 

The election results are here.

Long Bridge
The Potomac River is officially getting a new trail bridge when the new Long Bridge is built! Earlier this summer, the Federal Railroad Administration and DDOT completed the Final Environmental Impact Statement for the new Long Bridge rail project. Following the persistent pressure from WABA and thousands of advocates from the beginning of this multi year process, a new trail bridge will be built to connect the Long Bridge Park to the Mount Vernon Trail and across the Potomac River to Ohio Drive. Construction on this megaproject is still years away, but the wait will be worth it! The Capital Trails Coalition recently joined a number of US Representatives and State Transportation Heads to support federal funding for the project.

November Ward 8 20×20 Campaign Meetup

On November 30th, at 6:30pm, come chat with your friends and neighbors in Ward 8 to discuss the ins and outs of bicycle infrastructure in. Strategize and plan with your community and advocate for safer streets for pedestrians, bikers, scooters, and buses in DC.

Join via Zoom.

Highlights of the Anacostia River Trail

Credit: Stag Creative Studio

Curious about the Anacostia River Trail? Ridden part of the trail but not quite sure how much trail there is or where it goes? Join WABA Instructor Laurie Williams for an evening webinar of the DC trail basics! We’ll cover where the trail is (and the 6 nearby Metro stations!), cool things to see on the trail and answer questions.

This virtual event is on topics about Nacotchtank land. All WABA Zoom webinars are Rev closed captioned enabled. Have questions about the webinar, event access or the trail? Send us an email at Click to view WABA’s Code of Conduct for event participants.

Join the webinar via Zoom.