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Getting Started


Lyft E-Scooters: Getting Started, Rules of the Road, and Riding Safely

Check out our video for tips on how to get started, scooter safety tips and rules of the road.


Women & Bicycles: Planning Your Route

Quick tips on how to plan out your ride, for fun and safety.


Bike & Pedestrian Safety for Kids

A kid-focused video on biking and walking safely in the city.


Trail Basics

Trails are great! But there are a few trail basics to know.


Getting Started on a Bikeshare e-bike.

How to get started on a Capital Bikeshare dockless e-bike.


Webinar: Bike Buying 101

Tips from Black Women Bike’s Robyn Short on how to buy a bike!


Webinar: como arreglar una rueda pinchada

Este taller en línea explica cómo arreglar una rueda pinchada.


Webinar: conceptos basicos de ciclismo

With Outreach Coordinator Patricia Miguel.


Video: Conceptos Basicos de Ciclismo

Nuestros instructores hablarán sobre cómo andar en bici con seguridad, cómo revisar tu bici y mucho más.


Webinar: ABC Quick Check

Learn some basic maintenance so your bike is ready to roll.


How to Buy a Bike

Congratulations, we’re incredibly excited that you want a bike!


How to Ride a Bike

To commute or for fun!


How to Fit a Bike

And keep your ride comfy.


How to Fit a Helmet

Keep your head safe!


How Do I Find Other People to Ride With?

Find a group and have a great time!


Where Can I Park My Bike?

Resources for bike parking guidelines and laws.


What To Do After a Crash

stay calm, take care of yourself, and gather as much information about the crash as possible.


Finding Your Way

Dealing with Weather

How to E-Bike

Next Level Skills


Montgomery County Better Bicycling Advocacy Workshop

A workshop on effectively pushing for safe streets and better bicycling in Montgomery County from Nov 2, 2022


Saving Trees from Invasive Weeds

Reflections and tips on keeping trees healthy.


Fixing a Flat Tire

Bike Ambassador Trey Robinson does a walk-through on how to fix a flat tire.


Bikeable, Walkable Workshop for Advisory Neighborhood Commissioners

A rundown of how DC’s Department of Transportation moves forward street safety and redesign projects, explore effective ways to participate in that process or tried and true tactics to get a good idea moving.


Finishing your ride on a Bikeshare e-bike.

VIDEO: how to end your ride on a Capital Bikeshare dockless e-bike.


Riding in the city on a Bikeshare e-bike.

VIDEO: what you need to know to get around safely on a Capital Bikeshare dockless e-bike.


How to Do a Wheelie (Part 2)

Learn how to wheelie from Bike Ambassador Trey Robinson.


How to Do a Wheelie (Part 1)

Learn how to wheelie from Bike Ambassador Trey Robinson.


Carrying Stuff on a Bike

Everything from ride snacks to a week of groceries.


Reporting Road and Infrastructure Maintenance Issues

Tips on using DC’s 311 system to report maintenance issues to get things fixed.


Bikes on Bus and Rail

How to take your bike on the Metro.


How to report construction blocking your bike lane in DC

DC law requires that when a bike lane or sidewalk is closed for construction, an equally safe accommodation, free of hazards and debris, must be provided. Here’s how to identify and report violations.


Safety and Security

Rules, Myths, and Facts

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