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Getting Started


Lyft E-Scooters: Getting Started, Rules of the Road, and Riding Safely

Check out our video for tips on how to get started, scooter safety tips and rules of the road.


Women & Bicycles: Planning Your Route

Quick tips on how to plan out your ride, for fun and safety.


Bike & Pedestrian Safety for Kids

A kid-focused video on biking and walking safely in the city.


Trail Basics

Trails are great! But there are a few trail basics to know.


Getting Started on a Bikeshare e-bike.

How to get started on a Capital Bikeshare dockless e-bike.


Webinar: Bike Buying 101

Tips from Black Women Bike’s Robyn Short on how to buy a bike!


Webinar: como arreglar una rueda pinchada

Este taller en línea explica cómo arreglar una rueda pinchada.


Video: Conceptos Basicos de Ciclismo

Nuestros instructores hablarán sobre cómo andar en bici con seguridad, cómo revisar tu bici y mucho más.


Webinar: ABC Quick Check

Learn some basic maintenance so your bike is ready to roll.


How to Buy a Bike

Congratulations, we’re incredibly excited that you want a bike!


How to Ride a Bike

To commute or for fun!


How to Fit a Bike

And keep your ride comfy.


How to Fit a Helmet

Keep your head safe!


How Do I Find Other People to Ride With?

Find a group and have a great time!


Where Can I Park My Bike?

Resources for bike parking guidelines and laws.


What To Do After a Crash

stay calm, take care of yourself, and gather as much information about the crash as possible.


Finding Your Way

Dealing with Weather

How to E-Bike

Next Level Skills

Safety and Security

Rules, Myths, and Facts

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